By Anonymous - 07/02/2015 14:33 - United States - Brownwood

Today, my boss was telling everyone his mother recently passed away and he'll be off work for a while. I'd been holding in painful gas for a while, so I tried to ease it out. It turned into a long, squeaky fart in front of everyone. Everyone glared at me as if I was trying to be funny. FML
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What a gasshole

Hopefully they don't blow it out of proportion .


iTzSelverZz 14

That must be a stinky situation.

What a gasshole

Well in its own sick way it was kinda funny.

Hopefully they don't blow it out of proportion .

I've never understood why people get so upset over something so natural.

Bad timing, I would think. If the boss didn't say something so serious, I don't think it would be a big deal.

Next time, just hold it. Farts are very unpredictable sometimes.

Unpredictable? Maybe that's why OP couldn't hold it in.

That's what OP was doing until it got painful, please read next time.

I can smell the awkwardness.

You really couldn't hold it for another minute after holding it all day? YDI

I don't think he could because he said it was PAINFUL!

Flatulence in the face of misfortunate, not a good look

Well that fucking blows

I wonder what part of a fart is supposed to be funny..

All of it? Farts are hilariously awesome lol