By pukishgirl - 18/11/2010 12:12 - India

Today, my boss was skeptical when I told her I had a terrible migraine and needed to go home for the day early. I removed all her doubts by puking over her. FML
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way to back it up. FHL

DakotaCat 4

In the words of Cleveland Brown "that's nasty:


way to back it up. FHL

I bet now your boss is thankful you wasn't going home for explosive diarrhea.

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but boss i really dont fee--fBLLLEEHHHHHGHGHRRHHHHHshh

Way to show her. if you really had a migraine and are not just over-exaggerating your common headache, then she deserves it. Migraines kick the hell out of you!

75- agreed!! good job OP! I would have done the same thing, on purpose! migraines are no laughing matter

Based off of the reaction of your boss, I have a feeling you were removed from your job as well.

haha that would suck...agreed^^^FHL

Sick! What does regurgitated curry look like anyway?

Same way it looks when you first eat it.

haha, yeah that's what I was insinuating.

Amerwin, careful about using such big words as "insinuating." some of the idiots around here may not understand it and get offended. :)

You're absolutely right. From this point on, I'll only reply using diminutive and infinitesimal words for the sake of the "others". Oh shoot! I mean small and tiny.

omg ameriwin u look like the biggest douche ever. and you back it up with this conversation...

Dogcolon, YOUR picture makes YOU look like a douche. End of story :)

lmao :) well to bad for your boss, your boss should have believed you

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agreed she deserves to be puked on

Was she that ugly??

haha funny joke -.-

DakotaCat 4

In the words of Cleveland Brown "that's nasty:

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"Ooh, that's nasty."

Do you believe me now BITCH!!!

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Yes, yes i do -_-

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ur boss is a jerk an got wat she/he deserved

looks like tech supports gonna be down for a while


I'd be skeptical also; you don't puke from a migraine.... threesome anyone?

must you always say that?

Actually, nausea is a classic symptom of migraines. If you're going to make a stupid comment, at least take three seconds to google it first. And speaking of stupid comments, I'm fairly certain no one will ever engage in a threesome with someone with the maturity level of a newt.