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Today, my boss took me to one side and said, "Cross me like that ever again, and you're fired." I have no clue what he was talking about, and he denies ever having said a word to me. FML
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Maybe he has an evil twin

But he denies having said a word to OP...


Tapia23 4

First to comment!! Lol

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But he denies having said a word to OP...

Did I miss the memo about stupid being funny?

Nyx+dota+add me (m.l.k. Junior) = awesome

@33 what the heck are you even saying?

It's trying to communicate...

I don't play Nyx, and this is FML, not Dota community. Get out.

Hmm maybe your boss just finished watching last nights Breaking Bad

Seems to me your boss is off his medication or just plain crazy lol

Little4Bear 10

I'd say just plain crazy is about right.

Recommendation: offer a strange pack of pills to your boss, because clearly he ran out of his brain medicine! Certainly he will recognize your efforts to support the team and he'll promote you on the spot.

Or he probably just saw the new breaking bad episode :p

Maybe he has an evil twin

Ugh those are the worst.

Evil twins °-° causing chaos at every turn

Or maybe he's schizophrenic? watch out OP

You better inform your boss that their doppelganger is around or just kill the doppelganger for your boss. They will surely appreciate it.

That comment with that profile pic equals epic greatness.

CharresBarkrey 15

This has actually happened at a place I used to work at before with a set of identical twins. People would start a conversation with one twin, then later would try to finish it with the other twin and confuse the shit out of them.

So your boss is either crazy, an asshole or a crazy asshole. I am definitely considering doing this to someone now. (for reference, I am a crazy asshole)

ThatFancyPenn 18

Or maybe just a crazy troll

Do you work for the mob?

When you work for the mob they don't fire you, they fire at you!

Gosh OP, watch what you do!

Maybe it's just a tactic of his to keep you in line. Now you'll be too scared to do anything at all.

Allennis44 16

That would be an odd and probably illegal way to do that

perdix 29

You ought to start wearing a wig and a fake mustache to work. It looks like your boss has it in for you, but he'd be OK with the new guy with the pompadour and the Fu Manchu 'stache.