By i guess - 03/05/2014 00:03 - United States - Hamilton

Today, my boss told our production department that we're not allowed to be happy. FML
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Hmmm, I think your boss may have a case of this illness called being an asshole.

Not depressing at all..


Not depressing at all..

Did your boss also bitch at you for getting your work done "too fast" and making him and other departments look bad in comparison?...

I love fml's inside a fml. fmlception.

That's how I feel at my job OP. Everything is about "customer first" or "the customer is always right". What about your employees being happy in the work place? When did that go down the drain?

#1, I think you're the first person to successfully pull off sarcasm in an fml comment. You should totally get some sort of badge.

42 you can still be happy and put the customer first

Probably during the 80's or 90's.

And did he also end you employment when you said that your wrists were hurting at the production line?

Hmmm, I think your boss may have a case of this illness called being an asshole.

I believe the medical term is ASSHOLicitius!

And he's probably allergic to the medication

Unfortunately, I heard that most sufferers are afflicted for life.

there has been an epidemic of it recently

Sadly, ive been infected since i was two its almost always deadly....

#81 are you magic Johnson? It's normally terminal! How are you still alive then?

Give him a disapproving scowl

I think you mean a diapproving smile. OP'S boss told her not to be happy after all.

Well it's unhappy look to fit his idea

You might want to rent a clown suit and make balloon animals as a statement ;)

Better yet, bring in a bouncy castle.


being a rebel has never been so much fun!

Water balloons and super soakers.

I don't think your boss can do that. At all. And I really hope your boss was being sarcastic. Or joking. If not, FYL.

I feel a Pharrell Williams song coming on ..

Don't even mention it...

That song is everywhere. I guess it was a matter of time til it got to fml.

I was thinking the exact same thing before I came across your reply :-)

Don't worry, be happy,

Your boss was probably joking even if it's to a low degree. Otherwise, if he was going to implement that rule it would be illegal.. Unless they agreed on paper.

*rereads contact* "oh shit, page 92 paragraph 7 subsection b"....

Sorry, OP. I hope he's joking, and if not, he's a jackass. FYL.