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Did your boss also bitch at you for getting your work done "too fast" and making him and other departments look bad in comparison?...


That's how I feel at my job OP. Everything is about "customer first" or "the customer is always right". What about your employees being happy in the work place? When did that go down the drain?


#1, I think you're the first person to successfully pull off sarcasm in an fml comment. You should totally get some sort of badge.


And did he also end you employment when you said that your wrists were hurting at the production line?

I don't think your boss can do that. At all. And I really hope your boss was being sarcastic. Or joking. If not, FYL.

Your boss was probably joking even if it's to a low degree. Otherwise, if he was going to implement that rule it would be illegal.. Unless they agreed on paper.

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