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Today, my boss told me when I transfer to a Target in Orlando I should work in the clothing department. He said it would be a good way for me to meet chicks. I told him all the girls who work in clothing in that store are ugly as hell. Apparently his daughters work there. I never knew that. FML
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Maybe he was trying to set you up with one of his daughters.

Kind of an inappropriate comment to make about other employees regardless of whether they're your boss' daughters. YDI


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That is why you always just nod and smile.

Well you didn't know.

@1, stfu, no one cares. OP, ur a retard. Never assume anything b4 knowing the facts! YDI big time!

Maybe he was trying to set you up with one of his daughters.

damn. Oh well, there goes his opportunity to get one of his ugly daughters married off ;P

Happyhak you're a fucking retard. He didn't assume anything he just told his boss that he thought the girls at the clothing department were ugly and it turned out his bosses daughters worked there. There wasn't anything for him to assume.

trouble37, i believe you are the retard here and i bet your parents apluad you for that since being retarded has been expected from you for a long time. The OP shouldnt be saying bad things about a deparment just because its in another country, reguardless of his reasons. Karma...what goes around, comes around...

Pendatic, just because Happyhak's second comment was rather puerile and senseless doesn't invalidate the original point. Although I did laugh at your reasons. I'll allow it

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YDI. You obviously need help meeting girls.

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If your boss actually cares about you meeting chicks, immediately mark that as suspicion.

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Even worse is that the so-called "chicks" are his ugly daughters. I smell a rat.

Posting in an FML about Florida (Fort Lauderdale here). Any FML posted from or about Florida, regardless how good or properly phrased it is, should always be allowed because Florida tends to screw most things up. Voting, weather, budgets, sports teams and franchises, and the list goes on and on.

I was going to get offended, but you are right. I hate living in Florida ='[

Tell me about it. Sarasota must be a fun place to... um...? I know of a few good bands from the area, so some there is some redemption yet.

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YDI it for being too stupid to keep your mouth shut. It's work not the bar special Fred. I'm thinking you must be pretty fugly your own self if your only shot at getting a chick is one who is forced to spend time with you at work. Orlando has super hot chicks who uh, SHOP at Target. Also: Florida is awesome. Its the crusty old retards from New York and New Jersey who fuck everything up. Please continue to hate on Florida, it's one less idiot for the natives to suffer.

To my previous post - For "some" reason, I keep repeating words. Need more coffee =X To #19 - With the latest trend in current weather, I would say yes and no. It all depends on your perspective, but regardless of the weather, the beaches are always awesome. To #26 - Not hating on Florida in that regards. I'm a native of the Sunshine State, but our "track record" in the national spotlight isn't exactly something to be proud of lately. On the bright side, we do have Tiger Woods and Bernie Madoff...

The weather change makes me sick. Doesn't help when my family is too. Yeah, Sarasota sucks even worse. More old people than anything. At least in Ft. Lauderdale theres some fun (used to live there). And don't diss New York and New Jersey. The snowbirds are mostly from Ohio and Illinois.

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Florida... Sucks. I absolutely hate living here. >.< I miss actual WEATHER, not just "oooh it's so cold... Oh now it's hot yay!" It really blows. And I've lived all over Florida.

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then dont live here case closed

Talking about Sons of Hippies? :)