By Username - 19/10/2010 15:24 - France

Today, my boss told me that I'd confessed my love to him last night when he'd held my hair back as I puked. FML
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zombehunter 2

I guess he can only get a girl to love him when they are drunk. oh he forgot to mention that you guys got it on as well :)


that sucks for everyone who said FIRST...andthe actual FIRST didnt say it...(yay for you) why wereyou even drinking with your boss there?

TheDrifter 23

wow 2 through 4 all failed. might be a new record.

well.. at least he didn't avoid you after that right, OP?

Ali_Br_fml 33

chat kinds of ducks? Rubber duckies? Lolz I'm just making fun. iPods aren't that good at autocorrect... & when they try, they fail. Aah, many bad texts & ims because of that...

Ali_Br_fml 33

ok, the comment I was replying to disappeared, & I meant what, missed a letter, & it got turned to chat. Damn autocorrect... It said ducks for you op. damn iPod not showing comments...

Find another job and don't cross that drinking line again.

Chrisskiies 0

ydi for gettin that intoxicated with your boss, at least make sure he gets to that point before you do.

zerobahamut03 2

What an opportune moment to confess your love! >:)

KingDingALing 9

30- both of those comments made no sense to me... :/

ChubbyCake 5

Don't ever confess your love when you are drunk. YDI for believing in love.

45 looks like he's stoned and has just been assraped. :L

#65 wtf ...don't u believe in love.that's just stupid

your not first, your third. another thing it's not FML it's FYL.

That was kind of a dick move on his part. Why would he remind you of that?

That's what I wondered. Do you actually feel that way, OP? He's either incredibly tactless or he is interested. I can't come up with a third option.

ffs I Failed Shoot... thought I was 1St!