By Anonymous - United States - Milwaukee
Today, my boss threw me out of her office during a conference call for daring to correct her. The client fired the company because she subsequently got all the information on the call wrong, and plainly had no idea what was going on. From all the screaming, this is now all my fault. FML
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  Danishduckling  |  20

"why didn't you correct me? It's your fault I gave them the wrong info, you should've known better" is what I imagine would come of it, some times you will just get screwed regardless of whether you help or not.

By  aGMAELSTR0M  |  10

Boss: "Now, Ms. Williams, w-"
OP: "Uhh... it's Mrs. Johnson, ma'am."
Boss and Client: "Excuse me?"
Boss: "I apologize Mrs. Johnson. I was rudely interrupted. Now, as previously discussed, your initial investment of 100,000 doll-"
OP: "You discussed with Mrs. Johnson only $50,000 earlier this wee-"
Client: "You incompetent piece of-"
Boss: "Everyone shut up! You're fired!"

  DanielleinDC  |  32

I sincerely hope you're being sarcastic. OP was trying to help his boss avoid making a mistake that ended up costing the company a client. For some reason they are blaming him instead of the boss who screwed up.

I hope when things cool down, everyone will realize that you are not to blame, OP, and your boss is.

  tantanpanda  |  26

#11, there were so many clues that pointed out that that comment was sarcastic. You might want to practice it, despite your fantastic grip on the language. sarcasm/just in case.

By  Mortimer14  |  9

It's time to start looking for a new job. Don't tell your boss until you have the new position nailed though.

There is absolutely no reason to put up with a boss who blames everything on you.


One manager once told me, "even if they are wrong you dont correct them, and when they find out they were wrong and you didnt correct them its your fault" .WTF damn if you do damn if you dont.

By  Redgy22  |  26

You could have written a note for her to read therefore not interrupting her while the client was listening. Unprofessional of you but really shifty off her for blaming you for her screw up.

By  HBSLICE  |  11

i would be on the lookout for a new job or different position in the company. Abuse like this only hurts you and you need to evaluate whether the money is worth enduring the hostile work environment.