By HALIFAAA - 28/12/2014 13:56 - Germany - Braunschweig

Today, my boss sent me a Word document that he wanted me to make into a PowerPoint presentation for him. It was a set of proposals for the board of directors about cost-saving options. The third option was to eliminate my position in the company. FML
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Just leave that option off of the PowerPoint...

Start applying at other places, and then if you land another job soon you can just quit :) I can't even imagine how you felt when you saw that, though. FYL. :(


Just leave that option off of the PowerPoint...

And add some "special" sections. Take a leaf out of fight club ;) Assuming it's real and not a mistake an oversight or test that had to be the stupidest boss in the world. If you're being fired anyway might aswell go out in style. the industry we call them, cigarette burns

It's just a proposal, not a sure thing. However, I think flashing a penis during the PowerPoint will seal his fate.

And also cost OP their job.

#20 It sounds like the boss is asking OP to create a proposal that will potentially eliminate his position (and thus leave him jobless) anyway. Unless the company somehow spares OP, he really has nothing to lose here.

If it was the third option then there are at least two other, better options and well two out of three ain't bad. Also, even if they eliminate OP's position that doesn't mean a loss for f job b as they may be able to slot him in somewhere else.

Also OP can add a disgusting picture in the middle of it to...

Start applying at other places, and then if you land another job soon you can just quit :) I can't even imagine how you felt when you saw that, though. FYL. :(

agreed seeing that had to have sucked! But you got a heads up, thays a plus! So do go look for something new and save all your money just in case theres a break in between.

FYL OP, there are smarter bosses than the ones you have. You'll find your boss. There are plenty of bosses in the sea.

Bad bosses. Good bosses tend to not end up sleeping with the fish ;)

You should mess with it then quit so he gets in trouble

That only works if you a) have another job offer or b) don't mind a potential job asking your previous boss (the one you messed with) about your work ethic.

In most states the future employer can only ask a few questions. "Did so and so work for you? How long did they work for you? Would you employ this person again, yes or no?" Saying anything outside of that can be construed as libel, and you can sue for lost wages because they prevented you from finding work.

Politely point out of he eliminates your job, he has to do his own power points.

Damn thats subtle

Make THE BEST POWERPOINT PRESENTATION EVER. Then, he'll see he'll miss your PowerPoint skills if he goes that route. Add effects and sparkles and clapping sounds, and... well, maybe not.

edit it to eliminate his position with you as new boss.

If you eliminate the position, that means nobody can take that position because it won't exist anymore. I think you're looking for "getting him fired so the OP can take the job".

Wait until the last minute before the meeting to give it to him. That way your boss won't have time to check it and realise that you're pushing him under a bus.

Well, no one is irreplaceable... But that's a smack in the face

This sounds like a promo for Horrible Bosses 3