By scoold - 21/12/2014 22:02 - United States - Dover

Today, my boss sent me a link on how to write a good resignation letter. FML
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That's really rude, you should send him a reply telling him "how to not be such an asshole"

better than being fired, right?


That's really rude, you should send him a reply telling him "how to not be such an asshole"

I don't understand why you were thumbed down for this. The FML community abuses that button.

Yeah I wasn't sure either. If by any means I did something wrong if like to know

I think it is because people thought that is a bad idea because that is still her boss. But who knows I will probably get thumbs down too because people are assholes.

Maybe because he's way too cheesy?

There are two sides to every story, there isn't enough information to conclude that OP's boss is automatically an asshole.

Reply by writing his resignation letter to his boss. After all he is the boss, I'm sure he was wanting you to do a task for him.

One entry titled 'How to kill someone with your bare hands.'

Nobody yet pointed out this was after the resignation letter was handed in? I mean we need all conspiracy theories going, not just some.

Maybe he wants some tips? Best of luck op

Guess he pulled your name in the office Secret Santa

better than being fired, right?

But then you don't get to collect unemployment.

No, not really.

Being fired can get you severance pay depending on the job.

What an asshole, I hope you disappoint him by staying

Send him a link telling him how to be a good boss

So OP can get fired? Cmon dude, use your logic.

At this point, I wouldn't work for a boss like that. And it sounds like OP's boss is trying to hint to OP to resign rather than having to fire OP. One such possible reason is because OP wouldn't be able to collect unemployment from resigning.

ouch, that's pretty messed up. even if you guys are close and it's just a joke, that's still pretty rude.

Ask if he wants your help. If was for you, forward it to hr. If all else fails go out in style and turn a couple desk and say "No I will not have sex with you for the last time!' and walk out.

Being a boss he should attempt to talk to you in a professional manner. What a wanker.

I suggest you send him this link: