By jayc80 - Bermuda
Today, my boss scheduled a staff breakfast at a swanky new restaurant for all the hard work we've been doing. The dining area is on the roof, and the building has no elevator. I've been in a wheelchair for 11 years. When I brought this to my boss's attention, he said it wasn't his problem. FML
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  lv8898  |  0

fuck you 65! my app doesn't tell me where the OP is. that is why I said IF you are in the US! No one asked your damn opinion anyway, so STFU

  givemechange  |  0

omg my boyfriend made me clip his toenails because he said it gave him a bigger hard on. afterwards i found out he was a premature ejaculator and it was the end of him. all i ca say is, FUCKING KEEP IT!!!! fml

  Insane_Tea  |  15

People don't have to complain about everything. Just because another person has wronged you in some waydoesn't mean you have to repay the favor. 'Life's a bitch then you die.' Get over yourselves.

  a_nutritionist  |  10

his boss isnt discriminating...the first think people check on locations for meals isnt "is it wheelchair friendly"...he probably didnt even consider it, and while it does suck for this individual, its correct, this isnt his problem. the establishment is the one responsible here, and do you think its going to be easy to make a last minute large party booking at another expensive restaurant - assuming someone can just pull one out their ass? he may have even paid a booking fee, especially if he ordered a private table.
theres nothing the boss could do to bring the building up to code, it sucks, but thats life.

  babbu18  |  0

I really hate those stupid people who like to discriminate others from activities because they're in wheelchairs or are handi-capped! it's not your fault your in a wheelchair! be proud of yourself for not giving up! stick up for yourself and you'll make a change in yours and others lives!:)


you know what his problem is. it's being a dick, just like yourself. go suck a fat one.
and OP I'm sorry, it must be hard living with a disability in this world with such harsh people. FYL