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So now this person is a troll be cause they DIDN'T say first? Wow...

at least you got some corn.

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Would you like to be given corn after organising work? No. Therefore, it is an FML. I'm surprised you didnt say 1ST!!!1 Troll.

So now this person is a troll be cause they DIDN'T say first? Wow...

in this situation, I don't think it's the thought that counts.

Why do ppl comment just to say its not an fml or question why its on the site.. if you dont like it just go to the next one!

I think it's the frequency with which NON FML stories are posted that is so annoying and that's why people comment about it. I agree that this is not an FML, though. She's getting paid for a job and shouldn't expect a gold star at all and be grateful if she does get one, even if it's a half an ear of frozen corn.


what are the chances that within a half hour window, three women from ontario candana post a story on fmylife in consecutive order?

It's an FML because she's clearly fat as a cow and her boss noticed... wanted to give her exercise and healthy eating. That's me reading between the lines.

I would like to be given ANYTHING extra for my work. Most other employers wouldn't appreciate the extra work.

this is an fml because the OPs boss made them do a completely pointless task and thanked them in a stupid way

#44--What's the point in commenting that it is an FML and saying that the person's life really is F-ed...they already think that, why do you need to tell them or tell them that they deserved it...therefore, by your logic, there really doesn't need to be a comments section.

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Wow OMG you are 2nd now try and get a life ass op this is not a fml

at least you got some corn.

Sounds like an episode of the Office...

I think your boss is cracked. FYL for having to work for a wacko.

the way you worded this fml made me lol. thanks for making me smile for a second. hey atleast it wasn't rotten corn!!' and besides you got free corn! I haven't had corn in a year.

At least you get paid & get corn. I don't see cows and pigs getting paid.

haha but corn is good for you

yummy too I had corn for dinner tonight :)

I think your boss lost it tbh... :-o