By ST3PH - / Thursday 9 July 2009 19:17 / Canada
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  americayay  |  0

I think it's the frequency with which NON FML stories are posted that is so annoying and that's why people comment about it.

I agree that this is not an FML, though. She's getting paid for a job and shouldn't expect a gold star at all and be grateful if she does get one, even if it's a half an ear of frozen corn.


#44--What's the point in commenting that it is an FML and saying that the person's life really is F-ed...they already think that, why do you need to tell them or tell them that they deserved it...therefore, by your logic, there really doesn't need to be a comments section.

By  lakeylove  |  0

the way you worded this fml made me lol. thanks for making me smile for a second. hey atleast it wasn't rotten corn!!' and besides you got free corn! I haven't had corn in a year.

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