By ST3PH - Canada
Today, my boss requested that I re-organize every file in the office, because she wanted the filing cabinets alphabetized right to left, not left to right. To thank me, she came into my office to give me one uncooked ear of corn. I think my boss has mistaken me for some kind of farm animal. FML
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  americayay  |  0

I think it's the frequency with which NON FML stories are posted that is so annoying and that's why people comment about it.

I agree that this is not an FML, though. She's getting paid for a job and shouldn't expect a gold star at all and be grateful if she does get one, even if it's a half an ear of frozen corn.


#44--What's the point in commenting that it is an FML and saying that the person's life really is F-ed...they already think that, why do you need to tell them or tell them that they deserved it...therefore, by your logic, there really doesn't need to be a comments section.

By  lakeylove  |  0

the way you worded this fml made me lol. thanks for making me smile for a second. hey atleast it wasn't rotten corn!!' and besides you got free corn! I haven't had corn in a year.