By unemployed - El Salvador - San Salvador
Today, my boss made me give a presentation to several senior company officials about the serious financial losses our division has made this year. Barely an hour later, my boss had palmed all the blame off onto me and gotten me fired. FML
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  Link5794  |  18

You can't quit, you need two weeks' notice before you can quit!

By  oj101  |  33

You'll find that most bosses all have one skill in common. They can bluff, and make themselves look good regardless of merit at the expense of someone else. Unfortunately, if you want to climb up the corporate ladder, chances are that you'll have to do the same. Play against your boss at his own game discreetly.

By  perdix  |  29

Like a BAWS!

That's what it takes to be successful in business -- take the credit when good things happen and blame your subordinates for the failures. If this seems "wrong" or "unethical" to you, you'll always be a bottom-level cube monkey . . . like me.

By  SS99_fml  |  20

I doubt it'll provide any solace but if he's going to act like a coward like that, sooner or later his tactics won't work and he'll get fired. He won't prosper. Good luck OP, hang in there!

  Link5794  |  18

I thought the phrase was the other way around. Must be a west/east coast thing.