By Claudine - 30/06/2015 06:18 - Belgium - Li?ge

Today, my boss is on the phone with a Russian customer, who keeps saying, "Speak Russian please!" My boss asks me to translate, as he hired me for my knowledge of Russian. He says something, I translate in Russian, then the customer says, "Speak English please!" FML
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I've heard of a language barrier before, but not a language revolving door.

You Putin a lot of efforts but they went to waste.


Its a new Russian Roulette it seems.

That sounds like a train wreck wet lord

I actually think you said it better the first time :)

Answer in french to show your lingual superiority.

Happened to me when I went away.. No one wanted to hear my French because they decided that their English was better. It's shitty but all you can do is keep trying.

This is why people have trust issues

CyberSeeker 20

one massive troll right there

Well, the customer might be more fluent in English. But your Boss wants to see your skills.

Rnglish? A mixture of both? Can't please them least you could help OP...

you lied about knowing russian didnt you