By Anonymous - / Tuesday 12 May 2009 18:29 / United States
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By  P1MP1N  |  0

wow, that really sucks. its not your fault at all, how were you to know that the kid had down syndrome? You were just doing your job. Don't worry about it man

  FatElie  |  0

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  Ch0sen  |  13

Yeah, fuck the people who keep us safe and bravely stand in the face of criminals' bullets while the rest of us run like little bitches. Our lives would be so much better amidst total anarchy.

  Razell  |  13

Point of order - police provide an orderly means of reporting crimes and gathering evidence for trial. Without the police, people would enforce the laws on their own, usually with fatal results to the perpetrators. IOW, the police protect criminals from the wrath of the law-abiding.

  kpearsall  |  0

#3, since like forever in California anyway. Many other states as well. The law is there mostly because it's hazardous to pedestrians in large metropolitan areas (read: downtown Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose)... It's why we have bike lanes in metropolitan areas. Who wants to get mowed down by a fast bicycle while walking down the sidewalk?

  brie3  |  0

really? i live in Sac, and I ride on the sidewalk half of the time (then again, there's barely even sidewalk here... so I don't think they care...)

  hypnos_fml  |  0

man it's such a stupid law, it's far more dangerous to get hit by a car while on a bike than get hit by a bike while walking... I know about the bike lanes, but they aren't everywhere which just makes cycling dangerous... I hate cyclists...

  meganannee  |  0

I agree. I especially hate it when bikes decide they are like cars and bike in the middle of your lane in front of you... it causes alot less damage fr a pedestrian getting run over by a bike than a cyclist getting run over by a car

  macs4evr  |  7

248, bikes are legally allowed to behave like cars, at least in Ohio, and have all the rights associated with vehicles, please don't complain about people expressing their rights, you might get someone killed.

  chelsey76  |  5

No I wouldn't want to get mowed down by a fast bike while walking, BUT I personally think it would be waaaayyy worse to get mowed down by a fast CAR while cycling!!! Who agrees?

By  P1MP1N  |  0

wow, that really sucks. its not your fault at all, how were you to know that the kid had down syndrome? You were just doing your job. Don't worry about it man

By  01100110  |  0

Sorry to hear that. You were doing your job but there are some times where you have to let things go. You didnt' know beforehand so fair enough. This isn't a FML or a YDI, you were doing your job.

  cecilk  |  29

Kids are supposed to ride their bike in residential areas or other areas with little traffic. Then it is also not dangerous for them to cycle on the street. In areas with more traffic they are not supposed to ride at all without adults. After all they don't really know traffic rules.
That was already the rule when I grew up and I grew up in a time when there pretty much were no rules or at least they were not checked upon. Hell, I got drunk the first time when I was 15 because no waitress saw a problem with selling wine and sangria to a girl that looked young enough to use public transport for free for which you had to be below 13.

By  I2OI3  |  0

Now if the pee were to get on you, I would say - hey, there's a good story for my website! Good thing though, cuz that would be gross. And very sad.