By Leah - United States
Today, my boss gave me a speech about my "motivation issues". I've been working for him for 2 months, the commissions I've made for him paid off his bills, so what are my motivation issues? I turned down his offer of a date. I have a boyfriend. He keeps asking. FML
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  TookaWooka666  |  0

Haha I get it "raise" like boner ahooh. But seriosuly OP needs to let her boss stuff his paperwork in her filing cabinet so he can get a pay raise and flip dat bitch ova
and say he raped her then baddabing baddabang she sues him, gets a huge settlement and goes on maiden voyage with a whole bunch more
seamen and live happily ever
after, boom.


bosses think the worker will have to say yes because the worker thinks if they say no, they'll get fired, that's probably why someone said 25% of workers date their bosses. thats so stupid though haha

  Piratbox  |  0

#4 - So you're saying she should choose between cheating on her boyfriend with her boss and being wrongfully terminated for not submitting to his sexual advances as his subordinate?

  Piratbox  |  0

So you're saying that going on a date with your boss when you have a boyfriend isn't cheating, and that going out on a date with your boss to appease him because you're afraid of getting fired is a good way to "clear things up?" Then, you want her to tell her boyfriend "I don't really want to date my boss, but it will make him happy and save my job." You expect him not to say something like "Ok, and when your boss thinks he's getting somewhere and wants to sleep with you, will you just make him happy and save your job then?"

I don't need you to respond, it's clear what you'd do in her shoes to solve the problem.

  wolfshadow  |  4

"one drink turned into three or for and then the lady got into his car, and they drove away some place real far" Date Rape - Sublime.

seems appropriate for this comment.

By  rhysfucker  |  24

I would explain by stating that you make it a policy: never date people from work; wether you currently have a boyfriend or not. let him know that you feel dating people you work with is not something that you are comfortable with, boss or not. good luck OP