By ihatemyjob / Thursday 3 September 2015 03:37 / United States - Ridgeland
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  ThatHorse  |  15

While that may be true, many companies try. People have (in the U.S.) been fired for what they do outside of working hours on the grounds that it "doesn't present the company in good light". I.E. They believe that what you do outside of work is indicative of how the company operates. Also fuck those companies that do that

  ThatOneChick856  |  35

Sometimes companies will have some clause that makes you agree to "represent the company in a positive light" outside of work if you sign to it, thus making it perfectly legal for a worker to be punished or fired for actions outside of work (unless the thing is protected by the law).

  dabaerju  |  23

"He now wants to have a meeting with me about inappropriate behavior outside of work."

"...a meeting with me about inappropriate behavior outside of work."

"...inappropriate behavior outside of work."



  Ambrily  |  17

that's just because she (he?) told him she wasn't interested, that she's in trouble now. I think the best thing to do is to report him and his behavior.

By  WhatHappenedToIt  |  22

Legally he has no say in your behaviour outside of work. I'd go to the meeting and if he's married ask why he's on a dating site or tell him his message was inappropriate and the meeting is inappropriate and you could go to HR about it.

By  Soverain  |  15

He can't hold that over you. You have a life outside of work and this hardly qualifies as "inappropriate". However, I am curious to hear what he said to you through the app to lead him to believe nothing is wrong with this exchange.

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