By confusedbagel - 27/06/2013 06:22 - United States - Los Angeles

Today, my boss fired me for being "too morally ambiguous". I work at a bagel shop and had told a customer that I was indifferent towards cream cheese. FML
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Wow you got creamed

No whey? I guess you must be feeling kinda bleu after he fired you.


...To be stoned with rocks?

Are you? None of us can see that!

Congrats, you just wasted the first comment slot. Did you seriously think you would be thumbed up?

i really don't envy you, working with customers can be awful. it'd be nicer if your manager would be on your side though...

you work at a bagel shop and are indifferent towards cream cheese. time for a career change OP. Chin up, your boss was a douche anyway.

Damian95 16

How dare OP be indifferent toward cream cheese!!!

Probably the same bastard that fired me for stealing. You take 25 different items without paying and all the sudden you're labeled a "thief".

#47. You are a thief if you've taken 20+ items without paying. What else would you be doing?

Doesn't read like it to me

Wow you got creamed

challan 19

that was cheesy

creamed cheesy!

No whey? I guess you must be feeling kinda bleu after he fired you.

Donut make the same mistake again, OP!

RVAriverRAT88 9

Not to be a dick but next time if you are in a similar situation, just serve the person and don't give them your opinion.

im sure OP didnt randomly tell the customer.

RVAriverRAT88 9

The customer could of asked but if you are in the line of selling or customer service never give your personal opinion if it is negative about your product. I sell cars and I am asked all the time what I think about a certain make or model and you always praise everything.

see thats where it differs. OP is honest and your....well a car salesman. enough said.

Saying you're indifferent isn't "negative". It isn't anything - that's why it's indifferent.

KiddoKS 19

I've never worked in food service, but I have done a lot of customer service and I never get why people ask random strangers for their opinion about things. Whether it's curtains or cream cheese, just because someone else does or doesn't like it doesn't mean you will or won't. You can't win either... if you "recommend" something they don't end up liking, they'll just complain anyway.

I've learned over the years that it's best to just answer a stranger's question (providing it's not personal), even if you have to lie about it. Some people get unusually aggressive if you tell them you're indifferent towards something. It's like they take it as a personal offense to you not being interested in the same things they're interested in.

RVAriverRAT88 9

Ignorance gives car sales man a bad rep. If you go to Walmart and buy something and hate it later is it walmarts fault, no. It's the buyers, this also goes to cars, don't blame me if you get buyers remorse after you get your car. Also don't be stupid and buy something you don't want. How does this make me dishonest?

CharresBarkrey 15

40 - You JUST said in your last comment that you praise everything, whether your actual opinion is negative or not. That's lying. And that is how you're dishonest.

B1ackthesun 31

Well done 40! You've just reinforced every stereotype of a slimy car salesman.

Lennes 12

Indifferent towards cream cheese?!?!?! Heathen!

kdbernie10 3

Blasphemy! Indifferent towards cream cheese at a bagel shop?!? In all seriousness I think YDI for not being a better saleswoman. When you work somewhere you act like the shit you sell is the best on Earth, and you freakin love it.

I agree, but if its a bagel shop then it's the bagels that need to be the best freakin bagels on Earth, and the cream cheese is just an accessory. So I think it's alright to be indifferent to the cream cheese as long as you love the bagels. On a side note, I have never used the word bagel so much. It looks weird now :/

Wow, this has to be one of the worst firing stories I have heard. I thought getting fired for wearing the wrong color red shoes was bad.

How do you feel about lox?

Apparently morals these days are based on food preferences.

Well, yeah. Obviously if you're indifferent to cream cheese you must have terrible morals. I thought everybody knew that was how it worked now.