By Flaps - 27/11/2010 12:36 - United States

Today, my boss fired me for being on Facebook at work. He did it via a wall post on Facebook saying, "ur fired." Six of my friends liked this. FML
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There's no helping some people

By Anonymous - 10/11/2020 20:02 - United States - Livingston

Today, I was helping a 93 year-old hoarder organize her home. She asked me to make ropes from old plastic bags, fold bags in a specific odd way, then fit four large boxes of bags into one smaller one. I said I couldn't do those, nor fit four boxes in one. "Why are you here if you can’t do things?" she said. I’m a professional home organizer. FML
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don't be facebook friends with your boss, simple as that!

Ironically, *You're.


hahaha fail, u could complain

well why were u on facebook at work o.o

Well, why are you replying to the first comment when yours has nothing to do with it?

Why was he on facebook at work! :o

Agreed with #16. Idiot.

he was on facebook to fire her

the boss is a douche! he should fire himself because he was on facebook too! never add your boss as a friend! make your facebook page so he wouldnt even be able to find you! i would find my boss first and block him! that way he wont be able to find u on fb, and if he adds anyone youre friends with, he wont even be able to see your comments on friends pages.

lol. hypocritical

thats why it's funny...I think I like his/her boss

u can't like a message

you can only "like" post on your wall... messages are private so I don't see how your friends liked it when u can't see a message.

"Your fired."? It looks like he did you a favor; I couldn't work for someone that couldn't even properly form a sentence to fire me.

Ah, how sad that he thought it was clever. :-( I'd rather keep my dignity.

Ironically, *You're.

u're fired.

actually, 'ur'

actually, 'ur' is a combo of 'u' (you) and 'r' (are) so it happens that 'ur' can mean 'you're'.

The irony was that when #4 said they "couldn't work for someone that couldn't even properly form a sentence to fire me" they incorrectly expanded 'ur' to "your" instead of 'you're'.

don't be facebook friends with your boss, simple as that!

but if you ignore the friend request, he might fire you or make you do more work

unless the worker added the boss

you have Nice "friends" lol

Sounds like you used to work for somebody with a great sense of humor!

Because firing people over facebook is absolutely hilarious!

That's why you aren't supposed to be screwing off at work, it's WORK!

Yeah, because work never gets boring or slow where you need to take a break.

My job has a policy that you can only be on the internet during breaks and lunch, and if on any other time, you can be terminated for breaking company policy. The rule is not enforced very much, but if their is a history of violating the policy, they will punish you.

Tell HIS boss. His boss has more authority than him and may possibly fight for your job. if anything it might get your boss fired

How would that possibly work? The most likely result of that would be his boss laughing himself to death.

You obviously don't have much, if any, work experience.

I love your boss.


Care to rephrase that? Crayons are a bit small. I prefer markers.