By Anonymous - India - Mumbai
Today, my boss asked if I could spare a few minutes to finish off the last of his paperwork backlog. I'm pretty desperate for a raise, so I said sure. Turns out the "small", "should-take-a-few-minutes" backlog consists of 3 desk-high stacks of documents. Goodbye, cruel world. FML
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  tygerarmy  |  35

Depends if there is overtime or not. If the OP is salary or hourly, if they are expected to get the work done in X hours then their pay doesn't change, only the amount of work.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I'm also wondering if his boss only meant a certain amount of files and not all of them. You think he would know that it will take more than a few minutes and that op will figure that out and not do all of it? Although I say this as if op's boss is just your average boss with common sense and not an FML boss who are apparently all crazy and narcissistic slave-drivers.

By  Nicolasaur726  |  21

I'd just keep thinking of the possible raise that could come from getting on the boss' good side. If the odds aren't exactly in your favour, maybe you should quit and find a job that's easier to go up the ranks in.