By Anonymous - Australia
Today, my boss and I were preparing a lunch order for a nearby real-estate agency. I noticed that the order was riddled with spelling mistakes, so I laughed and mocked the realtors calling them stupid and incompetent. My boss then pointed out that the order was written in his handwriting. FML
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  mayoral26  |  0

That would make her an even bigger retard because why would the order be written in the realtors handwriting? Chances are that it was called in, and even if it wasn't shouldn't someone working there take their order? Just saying...

  HubertPL  |  0

spelling isn't important anymore.. in the realworld people text, email, and conference call so for all of you grammar Nazis you are completely useless in the world unbenefitial to society. Unless you are a language major there is really no need other than perosnal satisfaction to focus on grammar. then again it's just my opinion.

  jess2gd4u  |  0

or maybe just not mock people that aren't at literate as you. ydi. hope you get fired. ashamed that you an Aussie.
no wonder people that can't read and write don't want to get help! because of asses like you!

By  jane79  |  0

your boss may just been in a hurry or a really bad speller, either way I hope you learned your lesson never to make fun of people cause it can turn around and bite you in the ass. you better hope your boss has a sense of humor or work could turn into a really uncomfortable place for you to work