By Incompetent - Pakistan - Lahore
Today, my boss admitted that he seriously regrets hiring me, but can't really do anything about it because that would make the senior management question his judgment, making him look bad. So he's just 'putting up' with me. FML
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  kklamou  |  11

Some states (mine for example NC) do not have to have a reason to fire you.
They can fire you simply because they don't like your shoes.
Lots of states are like this.


This says it's in Pakistan, not the United States, so the rules are different. I don't know a lot about Pakistan employment law, but generally, I believe it requires a written outline stating explicit and specific reasons for the termination. Although, the reasons can be complicated, and whether the firing is "reasonable," or "fair," can vary because of different interpretations.

By  frankmz  |  17

Try to find some strengths at your position and build on them, then your weaknesses/flaws won't be obvious or you might even get rid of them. Then will you become a valuable asset to your company and boss.