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someone smells like a bitch!

Get some new deodorant? :P


Get some new deodorant? :P

lol never mind deodorant, take a shower you nasty. ydi

that's what I thought too! lol

I'll probably sound dumb asking this, but what does "YDI" stand for? I've seen it on a bunch of comments

It means You Derserve It

It means You Derserve It

Thought it meant 'You Dumb Idiot'...

wow, your life does really suck...

haha maybe spend a little less time with your dog

my dog smells like ass and i smell like her too. it sucks doesnt it??

lmbo that made my day

take a shower smelly

someone smells like a bitch!

what If the dog was a boy?

Sounds like a setup to me... I'd do it if I was that guy....

your dogs scent will rub off on you if you play with him/her too much

"I stopped spending time with my beautiful, sweet dog because my blind friend thought I smelled like my dog. I could've just taken a shower. FML"

...Dumb FML..not at all a FML situation. I love my dog. If i had a blind friend..and they said I smelled like my dog..then who the hell long as you don't smell like ass when you meet people. Brush ur teeth, take a shower, put on some deodorant. Ur good to go. take 20 minutes outta ur day to look presentable O.o