By 4fingerdiscount - 13/09/2016 11:07 - United States - Knoxville

Today, my bitch of a boss sent out a group text saying she'd had a chainsaw accident and lost the tips of 4 of her fingers and would be out indefinitely. When I told my boyfriend, his immediate response was to grab my phone and reply "I'm stumped, I don't know what to say." She hasn't responded yet. FML
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You should volunteer to be an organ donor. Tell her you'd be happy to give her the finger.

Ask her for some "tips" on how to explain the situation


Ask her for some "tips" on how to explain the situation

You should volunteer to be an organ donor. Tell her you'd be happy to give her the finger.

I accidentally thumbed down this brilliant comment. Add one more count for me.

I bet that pun cut her deep. Real deep.

Brace yourselves! Puns incoming...

ShortieRose 30

I guess she just can't put her finger on what to say!

Nor can she use it to type a reply.

Willman757 15

Ask her to point out the root cause of the accident.

Is it just me or was the "bitch" part completely irrelevant for this post?

Actually, it makes us feel less sympathetic to the boss and feel that OP's behaviour is acceptable instead of insensitive. So I think that part was needed.

Maybe they used it because since the boss is a bitch, she especially wouldn't be happy with that kind of response. She could retaliate or something. Also, it could be used to convey that OP is happy that she's out indefinitely.

12 - OP's behavior was to tell her boyfriend about it. I'm pretty sure that's acceptable regardless of whether the boss is a bitch or not. And just because the boss is a bitch wouldn't make it not insensitive.

Even if she's a bitch the boyfriend sounds like a major douche. The accident sounds horrible, she'd have to be more than just a bit of a bitch for me to think she deserved a response like that.

I hope op updates with example of why she's a bitch. Someone saying this person is a bitch doesn't make me think they are so really they still only seem insensitive to me

Actually, it makes me think less of the OP and sympathize less with her. Maybe the boss should have fired the disrespectful employee well before the accident. Now, the boyfriend is definitely a piece of work but based on the needless "bitch" adjective used by the OP, maybe the are right for each other.

Hi "reasonable one". I take it you are OP's bitch of a boss?

juuuliaaa_fml 21

I was just thinking the same thing.

The bitch part only makes OP look worse than necessary.

#22 Would being stupid warrant a response like OP's boyfriend? There was a guy where I work who had cut his own foot open while chopping wood at home because he thought flip flops would be acceptable footwear for the task. Accidents happen, but some of them are deserving. It just depends on the situation.

I think the bitch part there was to show why OPs boyfriend might have wanted to send a response like that. Also I wouldn't call OP insensitive. She definitely didn't approve of her boyfriends action which is why she thought its FML worthy.

Read op's name. They're upset because the boss will see the comment, not that it was made.

What's wrong a get well soon text?

I don't think you just "get well" from losing the tips of four of your fingers...

I bet she didn't "saw" that coming!

"Never saw..." Come on, that was an easy fix.