By Baby_girl - United States

Remember bars?

Today, my best friend whom I have been in love with for years, called me, proposed, and confessed his love for me. He was at a noisy bar so I asked him to call me back later and we'd discuss it. He called back later, hungover, with no recollection of our conversation whatsoever. FML
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  NewMetalGirl  |  14

A little over a year ago my best friend, while drunk, texted me saying he loved me more than his girlfriend. However even after they broke up he never brought it up again. So it's not always brought up again.

By  yabrett  |  0

why did he call back later and hungover?
he probably remembers but isnt drunk enough to have the guts to say anything, I'd ask him about it if I was you and you'll probably get a straight answer

  Helldemon  |  32

Well, it's her best friend supposedly so maybe he just called to say hi, or maybe just talk about how drunk he got last night. It is certainly possible he is just afraid to talk about it now that he is sober though.

By  dirtyhippie  |  0

Bring it up yourself - life is too short!
I was wondering the same as #7 myself.
If he doesn't know how you feel about him then he is probably reluctant to risk your friendship or just doesn't want to be rejected.