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stevenJB 25

Don't think that's even a friend to begin with :/

Spread a rumor that she's pregnant


stevenJB 25

Don't think that's even a friend to begin with :/

No kidding. I can't believe OP classifies this girl as her "best" friend. Not stopping the rumor on top of taking pleasure in the fact that other people now think that OP has a disease? That's just fucked up.

Spread a rumor that she was born with a case of LBS, a Lying Bitch Syndrome.

OP how were you able to call that piece of shitbread your friend? My advice is rumors are spread by idiots and accepted by fools. Try to clear it up to the foolish but if no one listens, they're not worth your time. Also I hope you find a REAL friend because she isn't worth your time either.

It isn't's definitely getting new friends.

Maybe you should pass your 'STD' to her and spread that around.

Even though 63 is thread-jacking, he may be on to something...

I don't really see how it's funny, unless the STD is clownerreah

Inside joke?

I think its a play off the STD gonorreha

You think? As in, you're not sure?

35- Uh, yes, that's generally what "I think" means. S/he wasn't the one who wrote comment #2 so they wouldn't know for sure.

26- Thanks, I wouldn't have figured it out.

45. Some people wouldn't have. It's not directed towards you, specifically, anyways.

I thought it was clever enough...

The amount of down-votes break my heart.

Yeah you should really get new friends! I'll be your friend? I promise I won't spread nasty rumors around about you!

Someone's lonely... And why is "I'll be your friend" a question? O.o

3, of you are really that lonely then you can always pen pal prisioners.

Well ya'll are kind of mean. Maybe he has friends and wants more because you can never have too many friends

I like the thought , I think I'll be their friend too. 

I'm a girl haha! I do have a heap of friends, and some are really close. I'm not lonely, I was trying to be kind and nice :)

I gotta be honest... it kind of irritates me when people say "time to find new friends", either on here or in real life. Where... the friends store? If someone is your "best friend" its usually a relationship you've built up over time, not just someone you found off the street. Making new friends, especially best friends, doesn't happen over night. Some people would rather have a bitchy best friend than no friends at all.

what kind of a "friend" says that? she obviously isn't a real friend. wish you the best in finding new friends OP.

Spread a rumor that she's pregnant

Pregnancy is a nine-month STD.

^No, no. It stays with you looooooong after that.

*18 year std

The actual pregnancy itself is a nine-month STD. The kid's just an 18-year parasite.

16-18 Year parasite, you can kick the kid out, or he could get emancipated before he is 18...

You could always "cure" it though...

Don't forget to tell her boyfriend that he's not the father.

Actually, pregnancy is the most horrifying STD of all.

pregnant and has an STD

It's all about how the rumor says you got it. Besides, if it's something curable, the rumor might do wonders for your social life and make new "friends" for you.

So who gave you the STD??

I heard a rumor you did..

no guys it was quagmire

Yeah, I think you need some new friends and a healthy dose of common sense to know with whom to be friends.

You clearly don't know how sneaky, manipulative, and deceiving some girls can be. Most of the time it requires a lot more than common sense to figure out who your real friends are. Often, it takes incidents like this to realise that your best friend isn't really your friend because it's really easy for someone skilled in the art of deceit to pretend to be the greatest friend ever until their true colours show.

Wow, it is definitely time for new friends :/ Sorry OP, FYL.

Just laugh it off and say it is not true. Rumors quickly escalate and quickly die out.