By tomtomcutiepoof - United States
Today, my best friend set me up on a blind date with someone he said was very hot. I'm not exactly what you call fit, so I haven't been dating lately. As soon as I got to the restaurant, I spotted the girl. She looked me up and down, said, "You have GOT to be kidding me" and left. FML
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By  GameRater01  |  0

haha, what #3 said, at least you didn't have to feed her and then have her walk out on you as soon as the meal was done. When she was walking away you should have called out "Don't flatter yourself, fat bitches aren't my type" =P

By  Ldy_S_FTW  |  0

i can Soo see the grl put an FML up...

"today i was set up on a blind date...i got to the place and this ugly overweight smelly person comes over to me...turns out he's my blind date. FML"

ok that was a lito harsh, but still kinda funny. LOL