By badboyfriends - United States
  Today, my best friend got a new boyfriend. She asked him what he wanted for his upcoming birthday, and he said he just wanted to hang out with her and watch a movie or two. I thought it was sweet, so I asked my boyfriend what he would like for his upcoming birthday. He said a blow job. FML
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  bonicr  |  0

"New" being the key word OP.

Also your friend's boyfriend probably wouldn't say he wanted a bj to his girlfriend in front of you, even if he was comfortable enough with her to ask.

By  notmuch  |  0

That's the difference between a new relationship and one that has been going on for a while. If you don't like it you need to switch boyfriends every once in a while.

By  snoe0216  |  0

I feel your pain... sometimes I wish my boyfriend could be like guy #1, but I must deal with him always asking for a blowjob. Guys have such a one track mind! It's the biggest pain in the butt!!! I mean, we want to do something sweet for them, something romantic, and all they can do is think with their penis'.

  crazycornn  |  0

so just because your boyfriend is sex crazed that means all guys are? stop being so arrogent! you have no right to clump all of the male population together and say they're all the same! not all guys are like that. as a matter of fact, there are a lot of guys that aren't!


Also, a blowjob at least in my opinion means more than just letting me get some. the very fact you'd do that shows a great deal of love. in a way, even a bj can be romantic. but no, don't do that. that's gross. and it's "just sex".

Stop making us look like sex craved idiots and actually embrace the fact that we want to know we mean enough to you that you'd willingly do it, unless you've expressively stated you don't like it. There's nothing wrong with a romantic night without sex, but if you want him to remember it, show some actual affection that doesn't take you buying things with his money to do. Jesus!

By  perfectwinds  |  0

If they're still together she should ask him the same question next year. She'll either get your answer or some other sexual favor.
It's not a FYL at all or a YDI... It's just funny. Your life isn't fucked because your boyfriend likes your blowjobs. Feel good about that, not all girls are good at it. Hey, he could be getting it from somewhere else. Then it'd be a FYL.