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Today, my best friend actually had the audacity to try and one-up my suicide attempt story. FML
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How? Seems to me the only way in doing that is actually successfully doing suicide.

**** this shit, I'm gonna be your best friend now. we don't need him ! *wrap arm around shoulder and walks away* seriously, didn't you think about reconsidering your friend ship with this douchebag ?


How? Seems to me the only way in doing that is actually successfully doing suicide.

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Why would someone compete with suicide stories anyways? Sounds to me like OP and/or her friend are just seeking attention. If one wanted to actually commit suicide, they wouldn't see it as a competition, let alone post about it on the internet.

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What about a double suicide attempt? That could one up it.

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If they also had a failed attempt but it left them permanently disfigured or paralyzed or something like that it would one-up someone with no permanent physical effects.

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I have a friend like this. He can't stand to not be number one in everything

I don't think OP is the one seeking attention, he attempted suicide but failed, his friend is the one attempting it just to have a better story than the OP.

#26, it doesn't sound to me like OP was seeking attention. It sounded like he just wanted to confide something personal in his best friend, and his best friend tried to beat him in it. It was the best friend that made it a competition, not OP.

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You guys, reread the fml. OPs friend didnt try to one-up OPs suicide attempt, OPs friend to try to one-up the story. OPs friend probably tried to one-up the story by talking about how he killed a bear using only his hands. OP and OPs friends just seem like attention seekers. But i could be wrong.

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Trying to kill a bear with your bare hands sounds like a suicide attempt to me.

That'd be pretty badass to kill a bear with your bear hands though. My old law teacher wrestled a bear once. No joke, he was a big ass guy

That in no way could have made you feel better! Sorry OP, yls but it'll get better! If they did that to you, ain't much of a friend right now!

I have this "friend" who, every time she asks about my current eating habits (knowing I have been in recovery from a severe eating disorder for the past few months) tries to "one-up" me based on how little she eats right now and her current exercise régime compared to how little I've eaten in the past and ways I'd exercise when I was ill. It's gotten to where I just avoid her. I suggest the same for you, OP. Cut this toxic person out of your life because honestly people like that aren't worth your time, friends actually care about you and your well being, and they share their problems and advice instead of repeated attempts to one-up you.

68, it sounds like your friend is sick. You should tell her parents, boyfriend, anyone that's close with her so they can make her seek help. If she's not sick and is just being cruel, well then maybe that will teach her to stop being a bitch.

68. Those are the kind of people that never want you to get better so that they can feel better about themselves. Good for you for recognizing it for what it was and separating yourself from them.

**** this shit, I'm gonna be your best friend now. we don't need him ! *wrap arm around shoulder and walks away* seriously, didn't you think about reconsidering your friend ship with this douchebag ?

Not to be insensitive, but your username suits this FML...

Or maybe she had just as valid a story as you to tell? Maybe you're seeing it competitively, not her.

#4 Thinking that suicide is a selfish act shows how little you know on the subject. No person who commits or attempts to commit suicide does it to spite people. They do it because they are deeply unhappy,, have very low self-esteem and think that the world and people who care for them will be better off without them.

I think you need to learn how to read #27.

Actually my response was for comment 5... sorry

Suicide is very selfish. Coming from someone who has mental health problems and has been there in the past. You leave people in your life devastated. It is a very selfish act.

Ill be your first thumbs up ukee. I agree with you.

My sister used to cut herself every time she got drunk and wanted to get attention. I threatened to call the cops and have them take her to the psych ward for 24 hr surveillance. She resorted to just crying about anything and everything as usual when she was drunk, and then just pouting in the corner when no one paid any attention to her.

I can't be the only one who thinks this is pretty stupid, for both of you. First - the suicide story. Suicide is nothing more than a seriously selfish act in which you dismiss every person you mean something to. Second, your so called "friend" who's trying to one up any story. That alone is just childish. Are you both 15?

Suicide is a last resort for people who are seriously hurting inside. People who attempt and commit suicide are not trying to be selfish, they feel as if there is no other option. It's a horrible thing. It's also a sensitive topic, so your comment about it being selfish is rather uncalled for.

People who commit suicide are incredibly ill, and attitudes like this don't help with the mental health stigma that stops many from seeking the help they need. I attempted suicide when I was in the hospital. They'd stopped my antidepressant for no good reason, and I was in an incredible amount of pain from endometriosis. The chemical imbalance in my brain sent me over the edge, combined with desperation in trying to escape the pain. Depression is an illness, not pure selfishness. Get educated.

although I agree that attempting suicide is selfish and stupid, you don't have to be such an insensitve jerk about it. some people are actually so depressed that they truly believe that this is the only solution to their problems. OP I hope you got or are seeking help. get rid of the "best friend" . you clearly need a better support system.

Which is more selfish, leaving everyone you know behind, or making someone stay in a world they don't want to be in?

Umm no it is a selfish act, not to mention cowardly....if those who killed themselves actually stood up an fought then theyd still be alive but no they gave up an chose the cowards way out

#25 things change. people change, situations change. people are robbing themselves of the opportunity for what may be a better tomorrow by commiting suicide. its also about perception some people have nothing but still carry on with such positivity and others have it all but will never be happy. point is everyone has their bad days . some worse than others. we just gotta hold on and ride it out. no one knows what life has in store for them. appreciate the little things and let it help you strive for a better life. every problem has a solution.

30, you've clearly never been depressed or had someone close to you suffering from a mental illness. Or you're just an insensitive jerkwad. Depression and other mental illnesses are a serious issue, and if you're so unhappy that you feel the only way it'll get better is by suicide, then yes you should seek help, but they're NOT being selfish.

I think that it can be selfish, but as a whole it isn't. It's tragic someone hates their life so much that they have to take it. But doing it in a way that hurts another is selfish. Sometimes people run out in front of a truck driver, and now he or she has to life with that image of killing someone forever. However suicide isn't always selfish, it's a serious issue.

i saw a report that scientists have found biomarkers in our blood cells that can mark people with high risks of suicide

Thinking that suicide is a selfish act shows how little you know on the subject. No person who commits or attempts to commit suicide does it to spite people. They do it because they are deeply unhappy, have very low self-esteem and think that the world and people who care for them will be better off without them.

What's selfish is making people feel so bad about themselves that they think they are more of a burden to the people they care for

I completely agree. Suicide hurts the persons loved ones, which is very selfish.

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Suicide is not selfish and delression is a disease. I attempted suicide when I was 16 and first diagnosed with schizophrenia. Before I went on my meds, there were people that followed me around, constantly mocking me and they would even come to school. When the kids at school saw me talking to them, they called me crazy and beat me up. It was the worst year of my life. Then one day, the people in my head were screaming the meanest things at me, and I still didnt have my meds. So I commited suicide. So to all the people that said suicide is always selfish and attention-seeking, educate yourselves a little.

I don't think committing suicide is childish or selfish. Suicidal people are depressed and deeply in pain, and they need help. I had a good friend who committed suicide, she was 20 years old. Depression is a serious problem that can affect anybody, not just teenagers.

I was suicidal for 3 years, and the only thing that held me back was the thought of how devastating it would be for my parents. When I confessed to a friend later in the game that I had cut before, I never did it again because it would just be unfair to put her through that. I also never got legitimate help because of the stigma, which some of you are certainly not helping out with. I was lucky enough to overcome it, but those were 3 years of happiness I won't get back. I certainly wasn't the worst case though, and I was lucky enough to be certain that there were people that would miss me. Not everyone has that luxury, some people even believe they're doing everyone a favour by killing themselves. Depression is a mental illness, and suicidal thoughts are a symptom. The people here calling it "selfish" and "stupid" need to do some research.

no doubt in my mind that depression is an illness but the actual act of committing suicide is very selfish whether its intentional or not.. losing a child is one of the worst pains a parent can feel and what about the parents who leave their spouses and/or children behind. even if they felt they were a burden to others.. in the end all they want is out FOR THEMSELVES. its about THEIR need to escape. you leave others to mourn your death, and carry an incredible amount of guilt and to deal with other problems you have left behind....there are ways to deal with depression. like I mentioned to op SEEK HELP. whether you know them or have yet to meet them, there are people who care. you just have to take that step

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Suicide is very selfish! And don't say "oh you don't know what it's like to be depressed" or some other shit because I do. A few years ago my brother attempted suicide. This was while I was already battling depression as was my mother. I wouldn't have even known about his attempt if he hadn't told me because he was worried I would do the same. If his attempt had ended up being more than just an attempt I probably would have also committed suicide. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. By committing suicide you ruin those who love you. There are other ways out of problems.

Sounds like your friend is being a dick, but maybe they just didn't realise how insensitive they were being, either that or they could've just been trying to empathise with a similar story. Try explaining this to them and hopefully it will work out...

How is that even something to brag about? What the hell...

Honestly I wonder how 1/ your friend could try to one up a suicide attempt story, 2/ how you could perceive competition on such a serious and grave topic... Looks like both of you need to grow up and rethink your relationship.

This shouldn't be a story you should tell expecting people to be super interested, the "one up story" was probably just a way to get everyone to have a good time. I don't know about you, but when I hear story's like that it's a bummer.