By Anonymous - 14/11/2009 07:27 - Canada

Today, my band played for our school. We were cheered for and everything. Being the lead singer I tried to look cool and push the mic away and pull it back by pushing down the bottom of the stand with my foot. It hit my face and I bled like crazy but I kept singing. No one clapped at the end. FML
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nah this is nothing to what my friend did. Hes the lead singer for a local band around were i live with a decently sized fan base. During one of their shows at a local bar he turned to do a head bang and at the same time the guitarist decided to jump...Human head meet the head of a guitar. He had a gash in his forehead...only diff from this story is that when my friend kept singing he was a bad ass

lol. My friend had something similar. He was the guitarist in a fairly popular heavy metal band around Canterbury. The singer pushed the bassist, the bassist fell into my friend, and his fingers played their way up his strings. Sliced his finger wide open. And you want badass? Yea...he kept playing. I'll take his word that playing through Raining Blood with a gashed finger hurts like hell. And OP: YDI. Practice, and don't get up yourself.

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as soon as I read trying to be cool I knew you deserved it

Now you're not the lead singer, it's Bleed singer! :)

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as everyone is going to say YDI for trying to look cool.

Hey #7, his in a band. Are you? @ the OP That's what you get for trying something in the moment and failing.

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'Cuz being in a band makes you automatically cooler than people not in a band, right?

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Blood is awesome. But everyone was a major fuckass for not clapping. I mean, you toughed it out for the rest of the show!

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That's what I said!!!! Assfucks should have clapped fo sho, especially since he roughed out the rest of the show. I totally would have clapped.