By YouAssholes - United States - Anaheim
Today, my band members and I were brainstorming ideas to help increase our fan base. My drummer suggested they replace me for someone attractive. Everyone agreed and now they are trying to kick me out of the band I started. FML
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  oj101  |  33

Unfortunately, that's the way the music industry is today. 5% talent, 45% marketing and 50% image is required to be a successful singer these days. Think about some of the latest top 10 "artists" - Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, 1D, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj.

  KawaiiCupcake  |  14

You think Gaga doesn't have a talent? She started playing and singing very young! She's born with a music talent!! Nikki is a good rapper, not a lot of the female rappers in showbiz. Miley is actually pretty talented, she has a good voice and can use it, a good dancer and plays instruments very well!

  jazzy_123  |  20

Hey Lady Gaga and Katy Perry aren't bad at all! Besides, when have you heard of any of them using a foam finger to hump another artist, or spit on their fans? If neither Gaga or Perry did it that's how you know it was a bad idea.. Nikki is terrible and fake.. and I think even 1D has more respect for themselves and their fans than Miley, NikkI, and without a doubt, Beiber.

By  uremystar  |  8

That sucks major butt. Well at least now you know they aren't true friends. You can find better. I'm sorry you have to go through this after putting all your hard work into this.

By  Ambient25  |  24

Look buddy, you're better off without them. If you tried to stick around, they'd probably try and find a way to get you kicked off to begin with. Just shrug your shoulders and lose them as friends. You're handsome, you're cool, you'll do well with whoever it is you decide to pursue.

On a lighter note, your former band will probably duplicate the sound of Nickelback, which means I have something new to throw on my fire this winter.

  ItsAUnicorn  |  27

Exactly! I make lots of fanart myself and it has nothing to do with the looks of the band members, but with the music they play :) If they think looks are the most important, maybe they're not worth making music with you.

By  MzZombicidal  |  36

I honestly wouldn't want to continue being a part of that group. They clearly needed you to even start the band, so they'll need you again and will realize their mistake. Good luck dealing with those jerks, OP.