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Today, my auto-repairman told me my heavy mass of keys was bad for the ignition switch and suggested I separate my house and car keys. I began to carry my car keys and lock the house keys in my glovebox. My car was stolen. I now have car keys but no car and a house with no house key. FML
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I dont think u thought this through

1st off) Always always alwayssss have spare keys! 2nd) If your car got stolen with your house keys.. change your locks. 3rd) It's usually a good idea to have a trusted friend or family member keep a spare house/car key just in case!!! That sucks ass tho!


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I dont think u thought this through

yeah, why would you lock your house keys in your glove compartment in the first place? ever heard of a POCKET? or even a purse?

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See the pocket thing just makes total sense to me. I mean seriously, who doesn't use wireless keys and 1 push "start ignition" buttons nowadays? Oh wait not everyone drives teh Mack Mobile like me LOL

I was thinking the same thing as #41. What the hell were you smoking OP? "Lets see, I'm going to leave all my keys in my glovebox because my pocket just isn't good enough" *e-slap*

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in regards to #50 aren't all keys wireless?

Wow, #64, how do you know she even had pockets? Maybe she doesn't carry a purse either? Some of you people on here are such dicks for on reason whatsoever. "e-slap." and to the OP, lol.

I don't think you normally factor your car getting stolen into the equation. Had that not happened OP would be fine... Sure she could have carried a purse and had the house key in her purse, but then her purse could get snatched and she would be in the same position... someone stole the car, OP is in no way at fault for that. FYL

still, who puts house keys into the glove compartment? Im sure your mechanic said this to you because your ignition switch is loose around where the key goes in. Two things to fix this: ask him to fix it, or carry just the car key and your house key and no excessive crap. Two keys don't weigh too much, in case you didn't figure it out. FAIL. LIFE. FAIL.

@69 How do you know it's a girl? Aren't you just assuming she is? So are they.

Because it says she's a girl, dumbasses.

#98: As per the GM defective ignition switch scandal denoted in the newspapers, only GM itself - not your local/ OEM dealer mechanic - can fix a "loose" ignition switch by having it replaced via a recall. Yes, my truck requires 5 keys while my apt needs 4 keys, not just 2 total. I put my 9 keys on a lanyard that loops around the rear view mirror to minimize their weight on the ignition switch w/ said keys' duplicates on a 2nd lanyard - which I never take off. The 1st lanyard stays in my truck - under the front seat - when parked along w/ a door-only duplicate (chip-less) key electrical-taped underneath to the frame in case I lock myself out anyway. I then have ID tags on both lanyards specifying only my phone #.

1st off) Always always alwayssss have spare keys! 2nd) If your car got stolen with your house keys.. change your locks. 3rd) It's usually a good idea to have a trusted friend or family member keep a spare house/car key just in case!!! That sucks ass tho!

That sucks, but think more next time? :(

Mean, maybe, but I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Secondly, it's a house key and car key... they don't weigh THAT much that they'd need to be separate. Perhaps from other keys, sure, but why didn't you just keep the house and car keys together?

Haha I agree. I have my apartment key, my biggg car key (where the key itself actually has all the buttons to lock and unlock the car and such), a pool/workout room key, a mailbox key, and 2 lockbox keys, on my keychain (which is attached to a lanyard), not to mention all my little keychain card things for grocery stores, gas stations, and pet stores, and my ignition is just fine. I've been doin this for years lol.

My husband is a mechanic, and her mechanic was telling the truth. It can wear out the ignition to the point where you could pull the key right out with the car still running. It is best to keep your car and home keys on one and a second key ring with whatever else you may have like work, gym, bike etc. Sorry that happened but I agree, it wasnt the best thought out plan was it... : (

I'll have to tell my mum- she has like 10 keys on the one keychain There should be no problem having one car key and one house key on the same chain though. It's not like two keys on their own are going to weigh anything significant. If you have lots of keys on the one chain, then I could understand. @OP: I was just soaking in the irony from that FML.

That's why they have that little "Key under the rug" trick ;)

Keeping spare keys hidden outside the house is one of the worst ideas ever. Sure, you won't get locked out, but they're easy to find and you'll end up getting robbed. You just need to be careful with your keys because they are very precious. Here's the solution: if you live alone, you should always have like a friend or family member keep a spare key for you, but it's not really your fault for not doing that, so yes YLIF

I have a tiny combination safe buried in the dirt in my front yard.

hide the key elsewhere. everyone and their mom checks under the mat, how about putting it in a box and burying it a little in the front yard? seems safe. and don't spring for those stupid hiding rocks either..

#99: What type of box? Cardboard/ paper ones get wet and disintegrate while metal ones rust. I use a door-knob lock-box on my small garage door - though that's not an option for many people. At my folks' house, we kept the spare back-door key in a magnetic box inside the backyard dog-house! lol

why wouldn't you just keep your keys in your purse? YDI! also how many keys do you have on your keychain that it's weighing down the ignition 2 keys usually shouldn't cause too much damage lol

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YDI for listening to a repair man but you would of been locked out as soon as your wife found out they stole the car

Doesn't rule out homosexual relations.

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yes, usually auto mechanics tell you what ever they can to get more money out of you. however, a heavy set of keys actually can damage the ignition, and since he wasn't asking for money, there really wouldn't have been a reason not to listen. doesn't mean you couldn't she couldn't have kept the house and car keys on the same key chain. i guess it also depends on how heavy her keys were. if it was just a house key and car key, there would have been no point.

Why would you separate your two most important keys?? That doesn't make much sense to me. FYL for your stolen car but YDI for the house key. The repair guy is probably the guy who stole the car... lol wouldn't your address be on any form you filled out for him?

I've carried my car keys and house keys separately for years. Of course, I always have the house keys in my pocket, unlike the dumbass OP.

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Why WOULDN'T you carry your two most important keys separately? If one key gets lost, you'll still have the other. "...My auto-repairman told me my heavy mass of keys..." That doesn't sound like just two keys. She could have keys for her office or wherever she works, a key to a gym, anything. Not to mention the little card thingies for stores and the actual key chain itself. All that does weigh down the ignition... the repairman wasn't lying. You're supposed to keep the car key separated, since it's probably already heavy enough with the remote control, and every other key on a different chain.

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Honestly, how many keys did you have on there? If it was only those two, there is no way they could have harmed your car.

I had to turn all my clocks back an hour, by the time i got to the last clock, my ass turned to Jell-O.