By Anonymous - Canada
Today, my aunt asked me to babysit my cousin. She gave me a warning that he says he's allergic to foods to get out of eating them. When I brought out my homemade cooking, he told me he was allergic, so I made him eat it anyway. Turns out he WAS allergic. FML
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  Reyo  |  2

@14, I'd rathor believe a grown women who tells me "He does that to get out of eating them" over a 5 year old who tells people he's allergic to foods to get out of eating them.

To be honest, it's more the Aunt's fault. By talking age, she should have gone through the neccessary steps, or been with the kid long enough to find out what he's alergic to and add "Now these are foods he really is alergic to..." at the end of her speech.

And before it becomes an issue, I made the assumption that the kid's 5. He's at least of talking age, I think it's safe to assume that the kid's at least 3 or 4. And don't give me that "Well MY baby's talking at the age of 2" garbage. No he's not. Now get off of FML and pay attention to your 2 year old. He's getting to that awkward age where he's climbing things, AND sticking things down his diaper.

  fallen_fae  |  0

Exactly. YDI, if the aunt already mentioned allergies, you're the one who didn't bother to inquire if he had allergies to anything for real. It's also the aunts fault for not telling OP what the real allergies were without having to be asked.

  FunnyWeasel  |  7

#78, everybody wasn't retarded, they didn't believe it happened. it goes like this, the boy was bored watching the sheep, so he got this stupid idea to lie to people about a wolf coming to eat his sheep. when the people came, there wasn't any wolf and the boy laughed. the lie worked again and the boy laughed again. then a real wolf came and the boy screamed for help, but the people learned their mistakes and didn't come. the boy was crying because the wolf ate all his sheep. the moral of the story is that nobody is going to believe a liar...when he is telling the truth.

  rileykins  |  0

well, logically speaking, he probably wouldn't have said he was allergic if she was a good cook. the fml does say that he says he's allergic to get out of eating foods, correct?

  sramb  |  0

40. Logically speaking, he would say that he was alllergic to the food, because he was. It could have been the most delicious looking thing in the world and he still would say that he couldn't eat it.

As for the OP YDI for not checking to see if he had allergies.

  jenny_gaal  |  5

it's the aunts fault for saying that he pretends to be allergic to food that he doesn't want but not clarifying that he actually is allergic to a certain type

  suppressed08  |  2

so when the mum was saying her son would say he's allergic to anything, she shouldn't at any point have thought 'hmm I should tell her that he IS allergic to xxxxxxxx' ?