By sarahwittman - United States
Today, my aunt and I went shopping. When we got to the store, she said she forgot her wallet, and I told her I would buy some things for her. When we were at the checkout, I was a dollar short. She said, "Oh, I'll get it!" and pulled out her wallet. FML
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  Kylias  |  6

Just remember that most of the people who say "Should of" are average people. Then remember that them being average means that half the population is below them. Then be very thankful for that average person.

  vettle  |  6

Ah, it's just being lazy in speech. but in writing, it should be written properly. I'm not a grammar nazi, but that one gets annoying. It's not even the lazy texting language!

  Veraymix  |  6

Ask her to pay you back?