By brokenhome - 25/01/2011 03:18 - United States

Today, my apartment got robbed. My 'book-in-progress' should keep them company. FML
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64 Who cares how old you are?

FYL don't you have another copy?


Yeah I'm confused... :-( Huh?

JoshTheMaggot 8

I think OP means they were writing a book and it got stolen. atleast that's what I got from the post. i could be wrong :3

The OP's book was stolen and it wasn't finished. How could you not get that? I'm fourteen and I understood perfectly.

64 Who cares how old you are?

Hey, no body here even likes you

Don't fucking pick on the 14 yo because you guys are retards

FYL don't you have another copy?

soldier4life_88 0

like a computer or something of the sort!! or a thumb drive?!?!

I was thinking the same thing. Robbers are heartless people. :(

I assumed the book was on the computer, apparently I'm the only one who thought so. I usually save important docs in a couple of different places (thumb, external hard, cloud) but it's common for many to just save on the hard drive.

SmallTownCutie 0

I thought the same thing 35

if they had it backed up, then they wouldn't have put it as an FML...

man that sucks fyl..people who rob are inconsiderate bastards

sorry I thought that was taking a cookbook not something you were writing

kbourco 0

f your life. hopefully u have another copy n they don't claim it as their own!

What's a "book-in-progress"?

at least you have backup. RIGHT! if not Ydi

FYLDeep 25

Julian Assange broke in and wiki-leaked all over your apartment.

hook_em 0

ah now we will know all of the important information in a few days on CNN

sallen0046 4

How exactly did you expect to write an entire book when you don't even have the common sense to keep at least one back-up copy? If you're really that ignorant, they've probably done you a favor.

I'm going to assume it was on a computer which was stolen- even if it'd been backed up, a good thief wouldve taken all electronics so probably not much left. usually people do back ups for sitations where their comp dies, not to predict theft. had my comp stolen once- then later I thought of some of the pics and writing on there. hope the thief decided to delete everything at least, lol.