By sydstreet - United States - Arlington
Today, my anxiety was so bad that when I was riding my bike on the side walk and two pedestrians came walking in the opposite direction, I got so nervous about having to go between them or accidentally hitting them that I fell off my bike, into a bush. FML
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  silvercamaro  |  22

OP should be fine, they were riding on the sidewalk so they probably weren't going mach 5, and OP has anxiety issues anyway so they probably fell into the bush at about stoping speed.

  blackheart24  |  10

26- Cads comment was aimed at number 1.

I feel bad for people with anxiety attacks. From the couple I've experienced, I know they're shitty. Sorry OP, just read the FML about the dude peeing on the bug. That'll make u feel better.

  metalwolf  |  17

I thumbed this one up. On a bike you could just fall over if you need to bail. I would hate to see the outcome if OP was operating a 1 ton steel brick with no "fall over" option.

  Muffin_boo  |  12

Man, I'm so sorry OP!
I have generalized anxiety disorder so I know your pain. At least you don't get so anxious you can almost faint on command. :/

It'll be okay dearie! I have hope for you!

By  Pelreskovich  |  11

Hopefully you didn't follow up with making it look like it didn't happen or you did it on purpose, not sure how you could pull that off. Also I hope it wasn't a prickly one!