By Anonymous - Denmark
Today, my allergies flared up and I started sneezing. I guess my girlfriend was having a bad day, because she lost her shit and started telling me how annoying I am and how I can never do anything right. I'm not sure if we're still a couple, because she stormed out and won't answer my calls. FML
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By  thisisthestupid  |  18

Omfg hahaha I'm like that to my bf sometime! She'll calm down
Little things like that fuck with our hormones sometimes. Don't worry OP

  adacurtis  |  9

and what justification do you have for treating a human being like that? that's ridiculous. if this happened to my boyfriend, I would get up and get him a box of tissues. not yell at him and walk out. OP, to be honest you are probably better off without her. no one deserves to be treated like that.

and bless you, by the way. since I doubt your girlfriend said it.


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Sounds like you're just being a bitch to me. I've got hormones too, and I don't treat my husband like that. If he's treating you poorly the best thing to do is end it, not stay and be a bitch about it.

  tukies  |  28

Constant fighting and judging is not a healthy relationship. Maybe you should try to fix the problem. From what you described this won't last, or if it does neither of you will be happy.

  Helpfulman  |  17

@31 You're relationship sounds toxic and you should probably end it right away. You can't blame being a psycho bitch on hormones either saying that's just how girls are. It's not like you're the only person in the world who has to deal with hormones.

  YellowGray  |  4

Wow calm down everyone. Think what you may about a relationship, what on earth gives you the audacity to call it abusive and/or toxic?! They yell at each other sometimes. Comparing it to a abusive relationship is very harsh to me. I yell sometimes, we all make mistakes in relationships. Do I abuse my boyfriend? No, I am a loving girlfriend 99% of the time. Sometimes I lose my shit. Not as bad as in the OP, but it happens guys. No one is perfect.

  mellyski  |  25

#64 I think people are suggesting #31 is in a toxic relationship because she said her boyfriend judges "every" little thing she does and that she's a bit mean when hormonal. Which when read from an external point of view sounds pretty bad

  then000bster  |  16

There is a point to where getting upset at the other person is due to not being able to communicate between yourselves correctly and ends up hurting both people. It usually has to do with needs of the other person and this is where compatibility is important. Welcome to the joys of finding prince#33775 who fits you perfectly.

  no_lungs  |  16

lolol, using hormones as an excuse for being a crazy bitch... I swear females are borderline retarded. F*ck our lives for having to deal with women like you!

  Xandrick  |  22

blubblubbnb, I could've definitely needed someone like you when I was dating my crazy first ex. She also thought, "I am woman, therefore my misdeeds are excused."

  Xandrick  |  22

"Sometimes I lose my shit"
"We all make mistakes"

Losing your shit is quite the mistake to make at times. That's something you need to work on and not excuse away.

  zBLAKEz  |  23

People have no problem laughing about the most extreme things, including murder. Why is Ebola not okay to joke about? Or is it like South Park where we have to wait 22.3 years to joke about it?

By  GRubi  |  17

Once she'll talk to you again, ask her what it is that you do that bothers her and then calmly ask her to let you know about these things beforehand instead of randomly blowing up at you.

  stevenN659  |  24

though that would be the simplist option, sadly there are a lot of people out there that dont have the confidence out there to do that. they "dont like conflict" sounds stupid, especially when it gets to this point.

  siggy_mcsigx  |  22

It's still better to communicate this to her. I used to avoid expressing my annoyance to boyfriends, to the point where one of them called me emotionally constipated. But I worked on it. With my current bf I consciously make sure I talk to him as soon as I feel something. It got easier with practice. Almost 1 year together and we haven't had One fight, and nor do we harbor simmering rage.

If couples can bring their concerns to each other calmly and politely before issues build, everything remains so much more stable.

  Astrum14  |  24

Chicks who use their period as an excuse to be bitchy are just looking for an excuse to be bitches. I say this as a chick who is capable of controlling myself, even when I'm on my period, rather than blowing up at people for tiny things and blaming it on "PMS" or "hormones".