By drunkenloser - 20/09/2013 07:22 - United States

Today, my alcoholism reached a new low when I found myself sitting on the toilet drinking a bottle of wine. FML
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try AA meetings, they usually help

Red or white? I personally believe white pairs the best for on the toilet.


try AA meetings, they usually help

You really should look into some type of counseling. Alcohol consumption to that degree is very damaging to the kidneys, liver, etc.

I feel like the alcoholism must stem from something else, a lot of people turn to alcohol when they're depressed. First step is asking for some help OP. Good luck!

Booze is like a smartphone, makes you fatter, turns you dumber and is best used on the toilet.

The funny thing is that because AA meetings are anonymous, there aren't really any statistics on the success rate. Unless you're speaking from personal experience, in which case the word "usually" is a bit suspicious :P

#39 in that case, is there an FML addiction help center I can contact?

hey it happens

No, no it doesn't well for me that is; I'll use my phone on the toilet but different strokes for different folks. Most of my dad's family suffers from alcoholism, receive help op.

im a recovered alcoholic, so yeah i know that it happens, i found myself in the bath, toilet even waking at night just for a drink

What goes in must come out.

See a therapist, NOW

Red or white? I personally believe white pairs the best for on the toilet.

It was homemade toilet wine, like in prison.

Maybe it was ripple.

Eh don't pass that bottle

If you know you're an alcoholic, admitting it on FML isn't going to fix anything, go and get help instead of posting it to us. Good luck.

Admitting it at all is a giant step. Most addicts remain in denial.

Sounds like a romantic night in.

Goes in red comes out white, goes in white comes out like champagne. Good system you have going on there.

you don't happen to live in Montana do you? lots of people here drink on the toliet