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Today, my 9 month old son realized he is just as tired as I am. His solution is to cry loudly. My solution was to cry along with him. FML
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Like mother like son, eh? Are you sucking on soothers as well?

Uh, when you are raising a young baby who cries and needs constant attention (and probably experience some post natal depression) I think it's okay to have a little cry when you're over tired and stressed.


Like mother like son, eh? Are you sucking on soothers as well?

What a cry baby.

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Awe I am sorry OP. I have a nine month old son too and I know how bad of a temper my son has when he is cranky. What helps for me is I bounce on an exercise ball or or the bed and pat his back, while singing to him and rocking side to side. I know it sounds like a lot but it isn't that hard lol. Just wait, this isn't even the terrible two's! *shudders* good luck OP!

desireev 17

64- I just got through the terrible 2's. I am now going through what I like to call the Terrifying 3's! Lol I hear it eases up at about 5 because they discover their independence. AND SCHOOL STARTS!! YAY!! :D

Desiree - don't count on it. My 5-year old never had terrible twos (or threes) or fearsome fours, but at 5 her sense of independence is what makes her not listen to me. She wants to do what SHE wants to do. I fear her teenage years. *shudder*

^ He should fear the teenage years they are very scary MUAWAHAHAHHAA. Nah doc all you have to do is keep an open relationship with your daughter during those years and you're all good.

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Aweee, OP.. I can just imagine :( Maybe if the dad is not around, a relative like your mom or a sister could go and stay over for a couple of days. That way you can get a better night sleep and get your strength back. Good luck. =)

desireev 17

Dammit Doc! I couldn't wait for the next 2 years to pass! You ruined it for me! :'(

Better you get a reality check now rather than later! :)

desireev 17

109- this is true.. Now that that dream is crushed, I guess all I can hope for is for my son to be president one day! Lol Or, in this world now, to graduate high school! (Which he will!!) lol :)

Truth is every year of parenthood makes the last one seem simple in comparison. I expect around 30 it'll all be sorted out.

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1-its sort of funny that the person with the canadian hockey profile picture says "eh". QUESTION! what are the sterotypes about american people, besides being fat(which tends to be true from what ive seen in my days,)

Thats too bad

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No shit.

Yes shit.

Absolutely lots of baby shit, in fact.

Kids do that, adults shouldn't

Uh, when you are raising a young baby who cries and needs constant attention (and probably experience some post natal depression) I think it's okay to have a little cry when you're over tired and stressed.

You don't have kids do you?

Being a mother is a full time job. So shut your trap.

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But OP is stressed out for carrying the baby for so long and now caring for it. My aunt had a baby and used to cry often because she never had just a little time to herself or a goodnight sleep. So OP is allowed to cry.

As if handling a child is an easy thing to do…

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what rule book are you reading?

It's really stressful for a while after you have a baby. Yes it's wonderful, but with all your hormones and such being so crazy it gets really hard. I cried with my baby a couple times cause apparently somehow along the road my depression I obtained after having her told me she didn't like me. Even though it wasnt true of course.... Women get odd feelings and thoughts.

#226 When I was very little and that I was angry at my parents for something, I used to tell my mom that I didn't like her and that I wanted to switch family. When I think of it now, I realize how mean it was. I didn't mean it, and I can't imagine the pain I caused to my mother. So, don't worry, I'm sure it's the same for your daughter! Hang in there! :)

Agree. It's normal and okay. But if she feels it's getting too out of hand, she could need help.

3, you've never cried when you're overtired, stressed or exhausted before? Give OP a break. Raising children is a full time job.

So... Do you want your pacifier now?

I had the same thoughts!!

desireev 17

Oh stop!! For the love of God! Just stop! Have some kids! Then I'll personally deliver your pacifier on a silver platter! On second thought.. Don't have kids! Because if this is the attitude you'll have when you and spouse have a baby, I feel so bad for spouse and baby!

It's called sarcasm. :)

flockz 19

74- it's a fucking joke. don't get your baby in a wad.

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if you can't beat em join em

^^^^ If you didn't completely read it, I put, "Spanish? Eh, no." afterwards, implying that I don't speak Spanish. But thanks though.

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Maybe you should both take a nap then. It only makes sense..

Noway17 0

I would if I were that dog. It's probably the only peace and quiet I'd get what with all the crying going on.

Chloroform is your friend.

Are you by any chance related to Casey Anthony

How the hell does this comment have 13 thumbs up?!?! -.- those people better not be reproducing...

puppypuncher 5

It's because the comment is funny as all hell, 111.

6, can I ask you where you got your pic from? Shit is pretty funny.. Just wanted to share, promise I won't 'cramp your style'

I honestly don't remember. I still have it saved on my phone if you want it.

Lol it's like john Wayne gacy, Casey Anthony, and pieces o Jeffrey Dahmer all mixed together!

#111 Don't worry, #6 was obviously making a joke, a funny one. What kind of person would seriously consider doing that to their children?

163 - um... well... *slowly raises hand*

#174 Does this rag smell like chloroform to you? >(^_^)>#

184 - *excitedly* ya know, it kinda d- *falls limp to the ground, quiet manic laughing is heard from raphanne*

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awe. my 11 month old daughter puts herself to sleep holding a blanket and sucking her thumb. its the cutest thing!! try it op.

Sucking her thumb is bad for her teeth and may cause her to need braces. You really shouldn't encourage it.

I have to agree. Thumb sucking is really a bad habit you'll later wish your child didn't have. But it is nice that she's able to comfort herself to sleep with a blanket (:

gabrielbaby 9

Doctors encourage it up to a certain age. So they learn how to self soothe. But after a certain age it's bad.

hotPinklipstick 24

Thumb sucking puts you at risk of developing buck teeth and a possibility of lisping and other speech disorders. But that doesn't mean all kids will have those disorders. I know plenty of people (including myself) who sucked their thumb as a child and still have perfect teeth and no disorders.

It doesn't always turn ugly, but my sister almost had to get braces because she was sucking her thumb at 3 years old. And I know a girl who still did it at 6 years old and she has horrible teeth. It seems pretty hard to break the habit.

chlorinegreen 27

It's okay to suck your thumb as a infant/toddler. It's the same as a pacifier. You want to stop the habit when there young before it becomes a problem when they get older and can't stop the habit. That's when you start experiencing problems. So go ahead and get him a soft blankie and a soother. Just know when enough is enough and to help kick the habit.

Self calming methods are very important for children. A kid younger than age 5 should not be pressured to stop thumb sucking no matter how bad it is for their teeth, however most kids do stop on their own.

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that's not always true. I had friends that sucked their thumbs until age 10, and they're fine

I love how the comment nor the replies are related to the FML.

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^there's something wrong if they still suck their thumbs at 10 years old

My 12 year old sister does it, I make sure to smack her on the back of the head whenever I catch her.... But my mom is shit with teaching and even shittier with discipline. So all my siblings are bad kids you wish would fall off the face of the planet when you see them in stores.

228- Just because your mom is not stupid enough to ignore the majority of research that says that you should not use physical punishments on a child

228- (cont, my phone screwed up) does not mean that your mom sucks at punishment nor does it give you the right to bully your sister. Leave the parenting to your parent(s) and please don't breed.

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Do you need a tissue for your issue?

Ha! That rhymes!

Really? I didn't notice.

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When my tear ducts give issue, I can't just use any tissue. I need 4ply, 4ply, 4ply when I cry. Ugh!

I just died a little inside, 126

Sarah_moustache 9

Are you going to start wearing diapers now? I recommend Comfrey brand.

How do you know which brand to recommend?

Sarah_moustache 9 was a joke. That's the point. *facepalm*

That's bitchy

desireev 17

9- stop being inconsiderate and stay in school! You are 15 years old! You have not experienced parenthood yet! Your comment may have been a joke, but it is not funny at all to parents. Experience parenthood.. Then say something smart-ass.. Then you'll have room to talk! Until then, worry about your GPA!

flockz 19

^^^^^it's a joke. you take things way too seriously.

Sarah_moustache 9

78. Hold up. You don't even know me. Maybe I have a sister with a mother that is too Ill to take care of her. Maybe I had to raise said sister. You don't know that! It's FML. It's supposed to be funny. Not everything has to be taken seriously. And you are just 21. You are not that older than me. You have things to worry about too. So how about stop trying to belittle people.

21 is way older than 15...that's 6 years. and if your sister had an ill mother, you do realize that would be your mother, right?

#95 : it's okay.. #78 told me that I shouldn't have kids bc of my comment. She obviously can't take jokes, or doesn't even know what sarcasm is.

desireev 17

I can take jokes. I know what funny stuff is. I can laugh at a joke that is actually funny.. But look at the other commenters. Other parents don't think your "jokes" are funny. Being a parent and raising a child is not easy. And is not something to joke about. You should be sympathizing the mother instead of offering her a pacifier or joking about the diapers she wears. I know that this is FML.. SOME of the posts are supposed to be funny.. And unfortunately, there are people who set themselves up for jokes by posting a serious issue on the site. But that's where you use your noggin and decipher the difference between funny and serious issues. A depressed and stressed out mother with an infant to take care of is not something to joke about..

flockz 19

i would much rather read a post that was meant to be funny than a serious one like everyone of yours. now i can understand why you think this issue should not be joked about, but still people like me are going to make jokes about it because i don't care as much as you do. but when you start to tellpeople that "they shouldn't have kids" or "stay in school and keep your GPA up", that's when you cross the line. you don't know these people, so don't try to run their lives, especially with such shitty advice. and frankly, if you want to belittle people, try this. from what you said in 1's thread, i know you have kid(s) in their two's and your profile says your 21. so you had them when you were 19? sorry but that's not an example i want to go by, so don't give me your advice. and learn to laugh. TL;DR- learn to laugh once in a while.

Sarah_moustache 9

I never said raising a child was easy just to clarify. Again, you don't know me. Stop trying to flip my words. I never said she wears any diapers. And yes it is FML. This site was created to have a good laugh out of. Hence "spill the beans" button. And it's their decision to post what they want. When you post something you are taking a risk of people being a total douche! That's sadly what people have come to so that's why you have to ignore it. And I think you broke your rule about arguing over the Internet, hon.

Does anyone here like turtles?

Does anyone here like turtles?

Anyone here like turtles?

trixy81 10

Everyone just calm your hormones! Nobody know's anyone's story so just leave everyone alone! PEACE AND LOVE.

^When has "peace and love" ever solved anything?

desireev 17

Actually honey.. I said I'm always up for a debate.. Not an argument. A debate is when you have some reason behind what you are saying. An argument is when you are getting angry and you're spewing out whatever comes to mind. I have reason behind what I said. And I am sticking with it. And you both are absolutely right. I don't know anybody on this site. And, quite frankly, I don't care to know anybody on this site. But what people say on this site is the first impression someone is going to pick up about them. And first impressions actually DO count. (not necessarily on this site because nobody knows anyone on this site.) 90% of the people on FML don't care about what they say and could care less. But there are people on the site who can relate to some of the posts and take offense to smart-ass comments. Me being one of them.(As for this certain post)

desireev 17

All I'm saying is that people should be more sympathetic to some situations. Just think, if OP were to come back and look at the comments everyone has posted after staying up all night dealing with a crying baby, in which, she may also be dealing with post natal depression, the comments posted would probably sadden her even more. I know that it would make me upset to see people offering me a pacifier and asking what kind of diapers I wear and people saying my childs father should leave me just because I was crying from being stressed out. I would be devastated! That is my message I am getting across. Give me thumbs down. I don't care. But I am giving a round of applause to all the moms out there raising children.

RebekahBrooke 9

I'm 15, and I'm not as stupid as you seem to be. Six years is not a big difference really, and those years are ones when people mentally mature. I get its a joke! it was lame, but a joke. But this site has more adults then young, stupid teenagers! :) and I see no reason, that when you're exhausted, can't sleep, have no time to yourself, and just don't know what to do, that you shouldn't be able to have a little cry.

141- than*

Slow down, everyone. It was JUST A JOKE. The great thing about being a parent is LAUGHING at your difficulties as you try your best to figure out an impossible situation. So there is no reason to treat being a parent as such a grave thing. Relax.

katiebabe1212 5

Desireev- If OP wanted sympathy why would she post it on FML?

desireev 17

155- as pathetic as it sounds, when a girl becomes a mother, she loses alot of friends. She may have turned to this site as a way to kinda talk to someone. I do the exact same thing. Like I said, it's pathetic, in a sense. I lost alot of my friends because I wasn't able to party or drink or hangout anymore. It's a sad deal. I found this site and liked it because I can talk to people and say what's on my mind without being attacked. (Or so I thought..) This site has become my friend, if you will.. Laugh at me, call me a loser, give me thumbs down, I don't care.. I am proud to be the mother of my beautiful little boy.. And I'm proud of the fact that I am a loser by being friends with this site and not having "real friends" to go drink and party with. If she's anything like me,(which I think she may be), she posted her FML as a way to talk to people and get some stress of her chest..

blacksswan 10

I like cookies. /shrugs

RebekahBrooke 9

oops, I typed thsn and it autocorrected to then. :) oops. but I know its a joke! I'm just saying that if you make a joke, expect someone to freak out.

iamesauce 4

Desiree, certainly nobody is saying parenting is easy, but jesus, shut the fuck up. If you can't laugh at your own incredibly normal situation than you're an incredibly uptight person and I feel terrible for your kids if they ever develop a sense of humor.

desireev 17

Ya know what 185?? I am not one to cuss at anyone or be completely rude.. But I'm gonna start with you! First of all, butt out! Second of all, how fucking dare you come on here and tell me to shut the fuck up and say you feel sorry for my children?(Which for your information, I only have one child. You should read more of my post.) Do not, for one second, feel sorry for my child if "he develops a sense of humor". Just because your "sense of humor" may be twisted enough to laugh at a stressed out mother who is, most likely, depressed, doesn't mean my child will grow up with the same. I am going to raise my child with a normal, if you will, sense of humor. He will not laugh and make jokes about something like this. He will laugh at typical humorous shit! You can raise your kids to laugh at the unfortunate and depressed and what-not.. But not me.. My son will be raised to help those people. And to be kind to them. Not pick and make fun.

desireev 17

And lastly, is that how your mama taught you to talk to someone? To tell someone you don't know to "shut the fuck up"? It's called MANNERS!! People around here need to learn how to use them! Never once did I cuss ANY OF YOU PEOPLE! Cussing someone for stating their opinion is just about as bad as spitting in their face! Treat others the way you want to be treated!

A7X_LoVeee 10

Oh lord. Give it a rest already.

FMMFL1992 3

199- Be careful because she might go on another rant again.

iamesauce 4

Desiree- from your profile- "I am an elderly lady trapped in a young ladys' body!" Yep, I understand now. My grandmother is the same way.

Desireev.....let this go for now. Walk away, breathe, recollect. Anger is getting the best of you, most every comment I've ever seen you make is usually a positive one, but this seems to be a delicate issue for you, if I may say so. If you want to either talk a bit and destress, or vent at someone for a few pages to get it out of your system, email me if you don't have someone else to do that. I have two boys myself, I think I'll get it. :) Okay? :) Smile, breathe some more, laugh a bit. Tis all good. :)

chels1994 11

Not to butt in or anything... but I feel as though this has escalated to extremes that are unnecessary. To each their own (sense of humor) and in my opinion, not one person on here should judge another. I obviously cannot stop anyone from saying what is on their mind, nor do I have a desire to, but I'm just saying we should all put our pointing fingers down and chill (:

That's life as a parent...

How would you know?

Neighbours with baby's, stories from parents and their friends, stories from teachers, experiences from people on the Internet. I've never heard anyone tell me parenting is easy.