By john doe - 07/12/2013 17:29 - United States - Portland

Today, my 6-year-old daughter got mad at me for not buying her yet another expensive doll. I had to pull her away, and she started screaming for help. The next thing I know, another shopper puts me in a chokehold and calls for security, all while my daughter smirks. FML
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Oh man if I ever did this, this comment wouldn't even exist.

Please tell me you punished her right.


Little brat. I hope you punished her accordingly.

This why some kids need to be no one who's been beat is a brat

Agreed, #16. And OP--why didn't you punch that sucker in the butthole??

If my daughter was that old and pulled a stunt like that I would ground her on the spot. Then while she slept all of her toys would mysteriously disappear because Santa takes toys from bad little girls too. She'd eventually earn her toys back one at a time by doing good deeds and the such.

Step 1: chokeslam your unrightful aggressor. Step 2: spank the ever-loving hell out of your until she doesn't have shit like that in her head. You're welcome. Both you and your wife.

The "unrightful aggessor" was being a Good Samaritan. In the actual event of an child abduction I would be eternally grateful if someone stepped in and tried to save my kid.

dude, nobody was going to try and steal a kid at a fucking toy store or whatever, now I would understand a dark alley, but not a fucking store, so I would not be grateful at all, especially knowing how kids behave when they want something, fuck out of here

Oh God, if I ever threw a tantrum in a public place, my mom would walk away. Seriously, she'd leave my sight (but I would be in hers). Needless to say, I didn't throw many tantrums...

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You're an idiot dingleberrysteve.

@dingleberrysteve- if a kid starts screaming for help, wouldnt you try to restrain who ever theyre trying to get away from?

dumbass, not in a fucking toy store

77 and 89 You're both stupid. Using a deadly hold to forcibly restrain someone who is not threatening you is unacceptable. There are much better ways to restrain someone without resorting to the use of deadly force.

95- It's not like he put a fucking gun to his head.

Deadly force would've been beating him with a G.I. Joe ..... I think he made a sensible decision.

Here's what you do: Tell her because of het expensive doll collection, that you're poor and can't have a Christmas. Then she'll learn many life lessons from this experience. Or is this a bit too harsh?

Is not having christens too harsh?! Well, I've never had one, so no it's not to harsh.

Spoiled should teach her a lesson like the value of money and how many people don't have the same things she has, i.e food,water,shelter,clothing, and of course toys....but make sure you let her know in an interesting way.

Well. I think that maybe just canceling Christmas won't work. I know when I was little, if somebody just did something like that without explaining why, it hurt me. Maybe OP's daughter is the same way. OP, I don't mean to be rude but you are part of the reason your daughter acts this way. If she got away with it once, she does it now knowing she can get away with it again. I think at 6 years old, she's old enough for you to sit down and explain some things to her. Maybe start with how much she has that a lot of other kids don't. And good behavior is rewarded. I grew up with not a lot, but my mom explained to me one day that a lot of people have less than we did. From then on it didn't bother me when I didn't get to do something or buy something. It's hard for kids to be grateful, but they can learn it. Especially by example. "Children will ignore your advice and follow your example." Try to kind of treat her like an adult, and maybe she'll start to act more like one. Sometimes kids just need their parents to be straight up with them. They're smarter and understand more than you think. So good luck, OP. Try to do better NOW while you still have a chance to shape her into a better human being. :-)

#117 That is too harsh for two reasons: 1. Tantrums or no tantrums, she can't really make them buy her toys, so it is not really her fault they are buying her them. 2. 6 y/o only in rare cases understands value of the money. With this said, I do blame parents for spoiling her and she should be punished. And, while I am for spanking in general, that should not be the case here.

Forget disappearing! I would burn all of her dolls and make her watch!

#95 I think "deadly force" is a bit of an exaggeration

I wouldn't beat her but I would: -take all her favorite clothes and give her only the most average looking, grandma-style clothes and say that she either wears that or goes naked -no tv, computer, video games at all. -no toys -no decorations in her room. -no sleepovers -can't go out unless it's for school or studying. If she goes out for studying with friends after coming back home she must show you the work she has done. If she lies, no more going out at all. Now that she has nothing she must earn everything back. How? Good grades, helping people, being a good kid etc. Give her points for what she's doing and exchange points for fun. Examples: if she does the laundry she earns 10 points, good grades are worth 5 points etc. Watching one movie per week can be worth 40 points. If she earns those 40 points she can watch one movie every week but if she does something bad she loses points. That's how you do it. No beating, screaming.

It's the parents who allow that which are to blame. Discipline is a missing key factor.

#165 It's not. A chokehold works by cutting off blood flow to the brain. It can be as deadly as cutting the carotid artery in the neck. In the heat of the moment in situations like that, it's very damn hard to tell when the person is out could and the difference between out cold and dead is only seconds.

This is simple... Take her to child services, park the car go up to the building and sit on the stairs in front. Start the conversation with do you know what is inside. And explain that if this ever happens again she will be left with them and she will no longer have anyone to truly love her and she will no longer be part of a family. This will end her EVER starting shit like this again! You should never be put in this situation by a child. And for the person that said lead by example. I am an educator. I see and listen to children plot this type of shit all the time. It worked for one child and that child tell a friend now you have all the kids in her/his class trying it...... Nip it in the BUD!!!

This is where spanking, grounding and taking all of her stuff away comes into play. My parents never did anything to my brother and he now gets away with everything from failing classes, getting new things if he throws a fit and almost punching my step mom. Op do something before she turns out like him.

#167 For a 6 year-old, no.

If I ever pulled a stunt like this, oooh boy. I'd be black and blue. If I had a kid who acts like this, I'd let them know real soon that is NOT funny.

Discipline your child only after giving it respect and talking to it like a human being. There's only so much you can get with discipline. It can turn to child abuse if you're not careful. Besides, sometimes kids just need help, NOT a parent who makes them even more upset.

People often assume discipline to mean physical punishment, but discipline means instruction. That's why someone can be called a disciple, it doesn't mean someone who gets beaten. Therefore discipline means proper instruction, which may or may not require punishment, physical or otherwise. Your child must know what they did wrong, what is correct, and why they are being punished in order to appreciate it. Punishment shouldn't be administered in anger either, as it's much harder to do proper instruction when seething mad.

My cousin threw a tantrum when she was younger because she wanted a toy. My aunt warned her that if she didn't stop she would do the same. She wouldn't stop so my aunt got down on the ground and threw a tantrum, screaming and all. Let's just say my cousin never threw a tantrum ever again.

#209 my brother is the same way; I understand you. My brother can get away with anything and I just get in trouble instead.

#34, that's why I don't like when my little sister does that kind of stuff at stores. When she starts wandering off, I'll make her hold my hand. Sometimes she'll pull away and say "you're not my mom!" People stare, and I just give an awkward smile and wave... "Yeah...I'm her sister..."

Please tell me you punished her right.

A lot of evil little kids on FML Hmmm...

If I had ever done this, my mother would have spanked me so hard that I wouldn't be able to sit down, plus she'd most likely pour hot sauce down my throat. I don't think I'd do the hot sauce thing to any child of mine, but it would come pretty damn close to being a possibility if they ever pulled something like this on me. And being offspring of mine, they most likely would try something like this.

She should put the kid up for adoption. See if that smirk disappears then.

Hot sauce...? Really? Dafuq. Physical punishments are out of the question today, because they are not at all pedagogically correct, but something like hot sauce can also be very damaging to your guts if it's a lot and all at once.

In this new America? I don't think he is even allowed to do that.

Oh man if I ever did this, this comment wouldn't even exist.

#3, me, neither, my parents bought me all the expensive dolls I ever wanted. They would brag all over town about their son's kick-ass doll collection!

Lucky. I was shunned for my collection.

My little sister did this last year, thankfully no-one attacked my dad but she was taken away from him and held by a customer. Luckily a friend of mine that knows them both was at the store and assured people he wasn't trying to kidnap her, but she carried on screaming and crying that he was 'trying to take her away'. My dad responded by saying "Sorry I must've grabbed the wrong kid, she's obviously not mine" and walked away. My brat of a sister then proceeded to scream and cry hysterically as she ran after him because she thought he was going to leave her behind. People applauded.

I would have clapped too, that's the best thing ever and your dad deserves an award for dealing with that.

#109 That is actually the best thing anyone could do. Quick thining. Hats-off to your dad.

#109: My mom tried the same thing when I was about 4 years old; I was keeping busy by reorganizing things on the shelves, and I was okay with her leaving. She eventually gave in, came back after about 5 minutes, yanked me away from the displays, and beat my bottom senseless when we arrived home. I don't think I learned anything, because she waited so long to punish me (and because I continued rearranging things every time after that). Eventually, Mom reasoned with, "Well, as long as she's not breaking shit."

I see coal in some little girl's future

Not with the price of coal today! She'll just have to do with nothing and perhaps bread and water for a week.

44, please. With skyrocketing bread prices, maybe just water and lard will have to do.

In Ireland we give a bucket of ashes. Coal has value.

And you can throw coal at your parents or put it in a snowball during a snowball fight. I agree with the ashes idea. OP, get her a bucket of ashes for Christmas.

In this case charcoal. It's easy to make

124 I didn't say it had to be GOOD bread. ;)

I would take a Fucking belt to her.

That doesn't always work though. I used to walk around with bruises on my legs from getting spanked so much. It wasn't because my parents spanked me too hard it was because I'd get spanked then five minutes later go do the exact same thing I got spanked for again. Spankings just never phased me lol. Then it went to taking my toys away, which bothered me a little more, but I still didn't care. Take my toys away and ill read my books cause I know you're not taking those away! I was a little shit.

I hope you are not serious. I'm kinda shocked everytime I come here and read all the 'pro' physical punishment comments. That's just horrible and unnecessary. Hurting your child physically is a sign of weakness, not at all pedagogically correct and could potentially harm a child's development (not per se physical, but more emotional). And inb4 "I turned out okay even though I got spanked or w.e." Good for you. Doesn't mean all do.

You know, 249 has a point. Physical abuse is somewhat an oddity, and shows more your resentment for a child than anything. I definitely agree that OP's kid and any kids like that brat should be punished, and though the first thought is physical abuse, 249 here does make a fair point that some will not recover from it and could end up scarred, or harboring an unhealthy hatred of their parent. Personally, I support belting that kid, but that's a personal opinion. Go ahead, down vote me like 249, but you have to admit (s)he makes a fair point, if not one you all disagree with.

Well, spanking your child is okay as long as you're trying to teach them a lesson and it is in moderation. Too much beating will leave them scarred and hating their parents (and possibly life), but spanking them every now and then when they're being a brat will teach them that they shouldn't cross those boundaries. You have to be at least a little strict or else they WILL turn out to be some brat who just doesn't care that what they are doing is wrong.

Yes but some kids just don't care if you sit them in a corner or take their things. I was one of those kids which is why I was spanked so often. My parents could NOT find a way to discipline me. Although I hardly responded to the spankings I did respond to them more than anything else.

Thank you, 257. And once again I am shocked because I am downvoted. I work with special kids and have to learn quite something about pedagogy. I definitely don't know everything about it, but I do think I have a pretty good idea of how it works. The most physical thing we do is keep them from doing a thing they are not allowed to do, or hold them if they have a rage-fit. But using pain is just a sign that you cannot be mentally/socially strong enough. And sure, I wouldn't say spanking is a crime, but I do still think that's not the way to go. 264, The putting a child in a time out is really something we don't use. We do sometimes send them to think about a situation, but that is more of a calm down thing and not a punishment. The thing we do when they do something bad, like teasing another kid or stealing some food or w.e. is we teach them there will be consequences. This could be not being allowed to play with their best friend, when these 2 friends cause trouble together. I think, if this kids was with us and she would do this, she would definitely not be allowed to come to the toystore for some while and if that is 'not enough' she would not be allowed to do the thing she'd normally like to do. Like: normally, when it all went good, you would come home and she would watch her favorite tv show or something. Then we would not allow her to do so. May seem cruel, some may see it as blackmail but that is just reality. When you things that are not accepted by the people around you, there will be consequences. Like when you rob a store, you will be sent to prison, so your freedom is taken away. But most of all, it's about talking with kids and explaining why you can and can't do things and how they SHOULD do it (for example: it's not "give me potatoes" but you learn them to say "Can I have the potatoes please"). And of course, positive stimulation. Praise good things and punish or ignore bad things (when a bad thing is just used for asking attention).

That doesn't seem "cruel" in the least. When I was little I honestly don't see myself giving even half a shit about any of those things. Take away my friend? Cool. I'll go read my books or play by myself. Take those away (which I'd be surprised if someone actually took away reading as a punishment) that's cool too. Cuz I'll go pretend to be some cool animal by myself in my room. Make me sit still? I can day dream! No tv? Never even cared about it.

I hope you spanked her until she couldn't sit down.

You have a little shit of a kid. Good luck OP.

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If she was my daughter, she wouldn't be getting ANY gifts.

its people like you of why today's kids are such brats.

I think they're implying that the kid is spoiled.

That would be positive reinforcement. That means she is rewarded for doing it and will do it again. A good kick in the ass, no Christmas, and grounded until she is 21. Then you think of a really good punishment.

Guys, I think he was being sarcastic...

Someone isn't getting any good presents for Christmas

Yep socks and underwear

Hey socks and underwear are awesome Christmas presents I always get some

38 - They're awesome *now*. Let's be honest, you hated getting them when you were little.

#24 actually, spanking the "ever-loving hell" out of the 6 year old is only going to get more fucked up shit into their head. It teaches them that it's okay to vent your anger and deal with problems by hitting other people, especially if you're bigger and stronger than them. Not to mention, at that age, the parents are the biggest influence on their child so modeling that behavior is probably not the best idea.

#63 Actually it teaches them their actions have consequences

I never really got spanked as a child because whenever they did spank me I would just laugh and act like a brat. I was odd.

Your not alone. Being hit never bothered me because I was used to it and eating soap made be hiccup then laugh because I'd make bubbles

@63 Calm down. Nobody actually means to cause real physical damage, just to punish her correctly. She should learn consequences, but of course she shouldn't be abused

I was spanked a lot when I was little. I was a little brat myself at one point, but not this bad. Back then, nobody at school liked me and would avoid me. Now, I'm voted friendliest person as a senior favorite because my parents had the guts to discipline me properly. Spanking does teach kids to act right. I am a living, breathing example of that.

I really don't know how your parents spanked you, but when mine spanked me it didn't hurt me but I HATED getting spanked so I never did what I got spanked for again.

love reading this feed I live in the uk and I spank my son but when I tell people they are horrified its not hard and its just enough to teach about consequences for bad behaviour

Teach her a lesson. All you have to do is cancel Christmas once and she'll never do it again.

And make her donate any gift already purchased to, make a wish or the Shriners hospital.