By momoftheyearedition - United States - Landenberg
Today, my 5-year-old won't stop princess-waving at people. This would be fine, but she looks exactly like she is giving the Nazi salute. I got dirty looks from nearly everyone at the supermarket. FML
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  tantanpanda  |  26

It's not that bad a fix. Teach your daughter how to do a princess wave properly. If said wave actually looks like the nazi thing, then disregard what I said.

  A1NoSauce  |  17

I think he means that people shouldn't actually believe that a 5 year old girl is actually doing the Nazi salute. I mean she's 5, she would obviously have no clue as to what that is.

  HerMischief  |  21

if the mother explained it correctly, then yes, she would. "Now sweetie in the past a VERY bad man who killed a LOT of people did the thing that you're doing now and people think badly of you when you do it so you need to stop" and then show her how to wave correctly.

  muzy  |  23

I highly doubt that a 5 year old can fathom what it means to kill people, #5. it would be sufficient to just tell her not to do it because it is not nice, and that it upsets people.