By momoftheyearedition - 09/07/2015 03:13 - United States - Landenberg

Today, my 5-year-old won't stop princess-waving at people. This would be fine, but she looks exactly like she is giving the Nazi salute. I got dirty looks from nearly everyone at the supermarket. FML
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They grow up so fast. Waving one day, invading Poland the next.



Yeah your life sucks.

There is a button for that...

I should point out there's also a button for that.

Yeah but that button is anonymous!! How will people know how he feels if he doesn't leave a comment?!?! :o

It's not that bad a fix. Teach your daughter how to do a princess wave properly. If said wave actually looks like the nazi thing, then disregard what I said.

The princess wave is to hold up a hand and rotate it side to side

Seems like some people need to get their mind out of the gutter

What does this have anything to do with the mind being in the gutter?

I think he means that people shouldn't actually believe that a 5 year old girl is actually doing the Nazi salute. I mean she's 5, she would obviously have no clue as to what that is.

It's not the kid the onlookers are worried about, it's OP. Assuming she's teaching her kid nazism

People get to prisons for that haha

Not in free countries. Freedom of expression and all that...

Dismemberment then imprisonment of the resulting lifeless body parts seems a bit harsh, no?

Draw a tiny hitler stache and walk around

Nein, just nein...

Teach her what it means and not to do it?Or at least how to fix what she's doing. Do your job as a parent instead of writing FMLs!

Yes because a 5 years old girl would totally understand everything the mom teaches her about this matter.

if the mother explained it correctly, then yes, she would. "Now sweetie in the past a VERY bad man who killed a LOT of people did the thing that you're doing now and people think badly of you when you do it so you need to stop" and then show her how to wave correctly.

I highly doubt that a 5 year old can fathom what it means to kill people, #5. it would be sufficient to just tell her not to do it because it is not nice, and that it upsets people.

#29, if you were told that when you were 5 years old, would you understand?


No. It's,"Hail Elsa". As she puts us in camps…

If you think that's bad: when I was 7 I used to pull the finger out of the car when on the road

I think I know you.

A cat wearing a sweater! ;)

The seven year old who was known around town for flipping people off.

Don't let her pursue an art career.

I think the better thing would to make sure the schools accept her if she does!

They grow up so fast. Waving one day, invading Poland the next.

@17 That's what the upvote button is for.

But wait until Winter and they'll make stupid decisions, their ego will inflate and they think they can just stroll into Russia. Kids these days

thats a kid and everyone should mind their own business.