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  Hommus  |  0

Still, I'm sure that if the Father had no qualms about teaching the kid "fuck" than swearing would prbly be prevalent in that house

  stephanie0613  |  0

Damb what's wrong with all these crazy ass parent's just let the kid know that what she said was wrong take something away or whatever so that they know that it's wrong and have a serious talk with your husband because you honestly can't do anything if your husband thinks it's funny.

  BahahahLOL  |  0

Oh wow, she said fuck. it's the end of the world. I honestly can't fathom the reason behind people not being allowed to say certain words.

Fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck fuckaroo.

  Attica  |  20

@ 53: Yeah, fantastic idea...punish the four-year-old child for something her Dad TOLD her to do. How does it make sense to punish a child for listening to her father (which she would perceive as her being good)?

She's presumably been taught to obey her will only confuse her to say that she shouldn't have this time (how could she be able to discern, at four, which times to listen and which times not to?), and could undermine his authority as a parent (she would think twice about listening to him next time, if she thinks it will just get her in trouble with her mom).

It is clear that she has no idea what it means. This is obviously the father's fault... You NEVER punish a child for something that is out of their control like that.


but why would she want to reward him? if that happened to me I wouldn't have sex with him for teaching our daughter a cuss word and telling her to say it to me. what kind of message is that sending?

  DocBastard  |  38

It's no worse than all the other responses like "Fail!" and "lol" and "OMGLOLOLOLOLZZZZ" and "lmao." People have the right to respond with whatever they like, no matter how inane or banal. So get the stick out of your ass.