By Shut up loser! - / Thursday 11 April 2019 02:00 /
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By  ajh1800  |  24

Tell him that stop means stop, even if its from a 4 year old. And let him know that every action has a consequence, whether positive OR negative. He just happened to get the negative end of the stick.

By  mssileas  |  19

Ok a grown man not stopping touching my 4yo daughter against her will? I wouldn't have waited for my daughter to defend herself, but whatever. I hope it hurt when she punched him and I hope next time you back her up earlier.

By  Iamthebanzai22  |  11

Your daughter is a fucking legend!!! Please give her a high five from me. You won't always be there to protect her but you did teach her to stand up for herself and that is as good as it gets. Pedophiles choose their targets carefully and she aint prey. Oh, and your uncle can go fuck himself.