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  berichsoon  |  11

Of course Legos, especially after saying "make sweet love" just picture u gf asking: do u wanna make sweet love to me or u gonna keep playing with those things?? Ummm I'm gonna keep playing

  EmreArslan  |  11

I dont think this is an mc classic mc alpha is classic or indev... Lego wasnt founded to make minecraft. Minecraft was indirectly inspired by it (through Infiminer).

  Shrike  |  22

"Making sweet love"? I don't blame him. Not only does it sound fucking stupid, you can't force stuff like that. Stop being so high maintenance.

  lifeguardd  |  0

Why are people thumbing down 9 and 11 .. What did they say to hurr OP's feeling.. Some stuff I will never understand.. Most FML users are idiots, sorry,