By iwearsilkgownstoeatwaffles - United States - Mabank
Today, my 26-year-old boyfriend came to my apartment to spend the night for the first time. He brought a "blankie" that he insisted was the only thing that could help him sleep. That "blankie" was his ex-girlfriend's silk nightgown. FML
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  thatnucca  |  36

You can force a horse to the river, but you can't force it to drink... OP could give him a reason to give it up, but if he's actually carrying it around then he's not ready to be spending the night with her or any other female for that matter...

  r4m2k  |  10

Give him a reason to get rid of it? She wanted to spend the night with him. If he's too attached to his ex still, she should be finding another boyfriend.