By MessyMal - 25/12/2009 15:30 - United States

Today, my 25 year old brother ran into my room very excited at 8am. "Wake up! We got a new puppy!" he told me. I was so excited so I jumped out of my warm bed. When I asked him if he was serious he said "No, but we have to go to church, so get dressed." FML
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your bro has a sense of humor that's amazing

I occasionally read the comments on here and they're like "That's not an FML, stop whinging.", but imagine if the only ones posted were actually awful ones. It would just be fucking depressing. While this might not be a true "FML", at least it's light hearted and might make you smirk. I'd rather that than summat along the lines of "Today, I had to have both hands amputated. FML".


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Well its not like your life is fucked

your bro has a sense of humor that's amazing

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your life is fucked becaue you had to wake up at 8 and your bro has a sense of humor. wow you have it BADD. get the hell over it

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"Well, my brother rubbed raw meat all over my body and then sent in wild dogs to wake me up for Christmas, and then raped my presents, and you think you have it bad OP???" but seriously saying "AHHH UR SO UNGRATEFULZZ!!" all the time gets really annoying; why does one come to a website about complaining and then complain about people complaining

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Oh wow, you have to get up in the morning. Your life is so f-ed.

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thats really funny, sounds like something i would do

I don't see why Christianity chose to associate Jesus with Saturnalia. I'll say FYL.

FYL, Christianity sucks

Do you even know what FML stands for? GOD! How does this GARBAGE get on the front page!!!?

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Make him get one tomorrow.

wow FYL. Seriously YOU HAD TO WAKE UP AT 8! While most school kids are waking up at what, 6? 5:30? Your life will be forever changed because of that. Changed for the worst. So sorry. *tear*