By liz / Friday 16 July 2010 19:45 / United States
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  _Vamp_  |  3

Well #14, I think #1 tried to type "first" extremely quick and epically failed, but I can't be sure. Maybe it meant "Stifle My Dinosaur Herpes". rawr

  Akay4  |  14

Seriously, the cartoon ones taste so much better! It's like the cheese gets stuck in the shape more than with normal macaroni. Shame on you for not getting the correct kind!

  green_eyes124  |  0

I don't mean to burst your bubble or be a grammar Nazi but I'm pretty sure that it's supposed to be "differentiate among" not between. Just because between is for only two people or things, and among is for 3 or more people or things. Idk I could be wrong! Don't get all hateful if I am. I'm being very nice : p

  5t3ff1k4h  |  43

217, it may very well be. I'm not even sure myself. That's fine though, I'm open to corrections if I'm wrong provided there's no unnecessary insults being thrown at me. I'm intelligent and I do know a lot of things, but I don't know everything! ;)

207, if you're the only one who can say 'sammich', why was I able to say it? :)

  snarkytruth  |  37

No they don't. Now that there is spellcheck and Google they're not teaching it and if they are the kids aren't bothering to learn it. THats why kids shouldn't be allowed to use spell check so they actually learn how to write and spell. Same with sound bites the have no clue as to what they mean. Words like literally, irony and heaven help me if I see the word random misused again drive me up a wall.

  snarkytruth  |  37

if the noodle to sauce ratio is off that shouldn't change the flavor just the texture. The fun level can change the perceived enjoyment. But it should be the same unless a different factory is putting out the product or its contracted out. Who really knows with over processed food these days esp when burgers are made with pink slime .