By faglypoog - 23/12/2016 02:31

Today, my $200 drone malfunctioned and wouldn't stop. For fifteen minutes I followed it on my bike until it finally disappeared. On the way back I was pulled over for not wearing a helmet. FML
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reminds me of the time a few months ago my hexacopter a tiny one flew to high out of controller range and we followed it a few houses down it eventually came down with a smack luckily it was fine

you don't happen to live in Oklahoma do you bc someone just found one in a neighborhood about a mile away from me


Whether you deserve it or if this is merely an FML depends upon whether you mean a motorbike or a bicycle.

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Not really. I think it'd be more of a YDI because it's been common knowledge that the drones have been malfunctioning and exploding. Drones and hoverboards have been having issues and exploding or catching fire since their release so, if you're going to get one, do your research and make sure it's safe first.

Actually its not common knowledge. Most people i know have heard of the hoverboards exploding but ive never once heard about a drone having an issue until reading this fml

#2, your reading comprehension seems lacking. There is absolutely nothing in this FML about the drone exploding. The malfunction is that the drone began flying without OP controlling it. It "disappeared" by flying out of sight.

Sad but true!

You deserve it. The helmet is there to reduce the risk of life altering head injury. The law is there simply to enforce basic common sense, it shouldn't even need to exist, just like the seat-belt law.

Most states don't have clearly defined helmet laws. It's a matter of opinion really. I wouldn't wear a helmet if I were taking a quick drive, but they aren't required in Texas.

Exactly. Not a law here in Utah either.

In the UK you must wear a helmet, but if you don't then the police can't enforce it because they aren't allowed to follow or chase a biker without one!

how do you deserve it? as a fire fighter, and someone who wears a seatbelt I believe in a truly free country it should by your choice to wear a helmet and/or seatbelt. That is once you're 18 and a legal adult. if you're to stupid to know its safer to wear a seatbelt then maybe its not a bad idea if you dont... In the end its you're life and there are aspects of it others shouldn't control. Its one thing I like about Montana a cop cannot pull you over simply for not wearing a seatbelt, they have to have another reason and there are no helmet laws unless you're under 18 and that's only for motorcycles.

Didn't realize that was a thing, to be pulled over on a bike for not having a helmet. Maybe it depends on location.

In Australia (Queensland) it's illegal to ride a bicycle without a helmet.

Here in the UK you would also be pulled over if it was a motorcycle. A bicycle is legal to ride without a helmet (although, it shouldn't be).

In Poland, you also get pulled over if you don't have a helmet on. Even on a gas scooter.

In California it is

Damn op, sorry to hear that. But I guess it depends on it being a bike or motorcycle if ydi or not. Either way, sorry about your drone

I don't know why it would make a difference if OP was on a bike or motorbike. If the law where OP lives requires a helmet (for a bike or motorbike), then OP should have worn a helmet and OP received the ticket for breaking the law. It's not that I think OP deserved it, or that I have any opinion about helmet laws, I'm just wondering why it would matter what OP was riding.

#9 It might just be that most people consider motorcycles to be more dangerous then bikes, mostly due to the topspeed the motorcycle can reach. But I do agree, law wise it shouldn't matter, unless the law states a lesser fee for bike usage for example.

I think it sucks OP got a ticket. You'd think with the extenuating circumstances, the cop would let it slide with a warning. But two people now have said it's a YDI based on if it was a bike or motorcycle, and I don't see why that would make a difference in deciding YDI.

they say that if you love something set it free. but my personal experience is that $200 can buy love for an hour or two.

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I really don't see why it's a law to have to wear a helmet at all. Why does any government feel it has the right to enforce a law that is for someone's personal safety. I think any grown up knows the risks and should be able to take them if they want.

I'd guess insurance companies and accidents and such... someone may get sued for accidentally hitting someone with their car and the rider would have more physical harm, strengthening their case. Also, it's similar to wearing a seat belt. I guess in this case the law is literally protecting you...

in Canada if your under 18 it's illegal

You can get pulled over for that? It's not a motorcycle

Today me and my bf were driving and saw something with lights fall from the sky and fall into the entrance drive for a car dealership. As we drove by we saw it was a drone. I had no idea what it was, I didn't know what the f I was seeing xD