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If he drives, report the car as stolen next time he takes it =D

that's when u tell the cops he kidnaped u and ur a hostage


Sounds like you need faster reflexes.

Today, I realized I still keep in contact, and even drive around with, my 20 year old son. FML

Cool story, bro.

It's funny cuz you got a ticket for having an immature 20 year old son.. hah stole Lego's line :D

I did not get a ticket and I do not have a 20 year old son.

old man. BEAT. HIS. ASS. do it with a sack of oranges. it wont leave bruise and it lets them know whos boss

Make him pay for the ticket.

There is no old man in this FML.

Freeze, I know you are the center of attention in your autistic and narcissistic mind, but we weren't talking to you, and if this is a facetious attempt at humor, it needs work.

My bad, I thought you retards knew what the definition of "reply" meant. Mistake on my part, of course.

lol! calm down people!

#33, Autistic? Really? Man, if you're desperate for an insult but want to sound original and witty, pull out a thesaurus. Look up "idiot" and go from there. Or you could always shut the fuck up and learn what the REPLY button is meant for.

On mine it says "threadjack," not "reply." Anyway, that's a very fun thing to randomly decide to do.

go intoxicunt. and btw #33 why DONT you shut the fuck up? I'M autistic. and thanks cause you just hurt my feelings!! na not really. but I am autistic, and I do feel insulted. so next time you decide to STICK YOUR GODDAMN FOOT IN YOUR FUCKING MOUTH, *THINK* ABOUT WHO READS THESE COMMENTS!!

it's funny because you hangout with your 20 year old son, and he made you get a ticket.

in Soviet Russia, seat buckle you!

#33 I'm surprised your comment didn't mysteriously dissapear.

it's funny because he took off your seatbelt so you got a ticket for mo reason

#1, you have a really cute dog :3

hahaha I love freeze

ahahahaa good one XD

We only care because he called Freeze some fucked up names just for sardonically implying people should use the reply feature properly or at least make it obvious who they are and aren't addressing.

freeze, I think you're awesome. don't listen to 33. he's just a dumbass looking for attention because he has nothing better to do with his life.

What are the chances that the OP made a typo and meant to write "2 year old son"?

Freeze ftw

All of you sensitive little bunnies have successfully been trolled. And #46, you really hurt my feelings. Thanks for reminding me that I don't have any feet to shove in my nonexistent mouth. ):

Sorry, that wasn't trolling. Good try, though.

As defined by Urban Dictionary, I have been.

A troll doesn't reveal that he was trolling. Sorry you got your ass verbally kicked, but you're not going to land on that excuse.

ydi for having a son

Reply: a statement or acknowledgment made in response in what way does your comment (or most of these or mine for that matter) relate to #1?

77, that's what I was thinking. It would be funny either way. :)

Struck asshole

If he drives, report the car as stolen next time he takes it =D

completely agree broseph =]

that's when u tell the cops he kidnaped u and ur a hostage

thats wut i would do haha just sayin

Hahaha ur son is sooo smart :P

I would love 2 meet him!(:

I'm sorry, but your sons a win xD should have made him pay half the ticket though, not all. You helped make him after all :)

im pretty the husband did too;)

Smart son. Is his name Einstein?

agree with # ten:)

Slap him in the face with a piece of ham lol

The son could be a vegetarian, in which case he could slap him in the face with a piece of broccoli.

uhhmmm he could be slapped wit ham and be a veggietarian but brocoli stinks and gives u gas. its gross

No I bet Jesus came down and unbuckled your seatbelt.