By Anonymous - 03/10/2011 21:41 - United Kingdom

Today, my 20 year old daughter started ranting to me about her latest boyfriend's erectile problems. Trying to be a good dad, I told her all I knew about how to get the boy fixed. My wife decided to stick her head in and say, "Listen to your dad, hun. He knows all about this kind of thing." FML
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Am I the only one that finds it odd to talk to your dad about your boyfriends penis? I mean it's great you have such a tight knit family, but I don't think I'd want my dad knowing about my boyfriend's package.


Looks like you came to the right guy to ask for advice!

I'm surprised op's dad is actually willing to help her despite the fact that she's sexually active out of wedlock. if that were my dad, he would definitely not help me with that one.

That's when you say it works perfectly, it's just because you're ugly it won't get up

IDK, it's nice for her dad to rise to the occasion and poke holes in the dad stereotype.

Who talks to their dad about this kinda shit?

Viva... Viva.... VIAGRA!

14- op IS the dude...

Are you the same guy that caught his wife putting penis pills in his coffee?

Did you read the FML wrong or something?

Op, you think what your wife said is an fml for you? The fact that your fast ass daughter feels comfortable enough to talk about her latest boyfriends bedrooms issues with u makes me think your whole household is off balance.

How come you guys always delete my comments? Is it cuz ur haters???

51- oops, didn't catch that until now..

14 - I know where your picture is from :)

poetry, yuck.

Snaps for TheIsland.

77-penis-The male genital organ of higher vertebrates, carrying the duct for the transfer of sperm during copulation. In humans and most other mammals, it consists largely of erectile tissue and serves also for the elimination of urine.

Mommy knows best :)

Don't u mean daddy knows best

63 don't 'u' mean you.

he obviously does know all about it considering he's giving advice about it.

Playful1985 9

Wow boundaries much? Your wife and daughter seriously need to learn some!

64 Don't you mean "?" instead of "."?

Just means you are wise ;)

Your doggy is so cute :3

You probably thought that dick was alive? Nope, just Chuck Testa.

Um weird........sooooo

Am I the only one that finds it odd to talk to your dad about your boyfriends penis? I mean it's great you have such a tight knit family, but I don't think I'd want my dad knowing about my boyfriend's package.

No your not. The first thing through my head when I saw this was damnnnnnnnn theyre close.

Am I the only one who finds it weird that a 14 year old girl posts a picture looking down her shirt. Come on.

I find it disturbing you choose a 14 yo's picture to look at and imagine weird perv stuff in rather than pointing out the fact most of her comments are pure tard bait

Nope ur note the only 1..... If he was a doc it would not b weird

Even if he was a doctor it's still kinda weird.

24: The picture was actually mostly my face but FML cropped the picture. I'm not on FML to show the world my non existent tits, but thanks for pointing that out to everyone. I see you really know how to choose between what's an appropriate comment and what isn't. Good day.

@56: I don't have a boyfriend, I wasn't speaking literally. I was making a general statement that if I were to have a boyfriend, and I did become sexually active (which will not be happening until I'm older, 16 and Pregnant isn't exactly something I strive for), I wouldn't exactly feel comfortable discussing it with my dad, especially talking specifically about my boyfriends package, because that's private matters. Jesus, it seems to be everyone is on a roll today picking at me because of my age. Anyways, just thought I'd clear that up.

Submit to the consequences.

Eh it doesn't matter that ur only 14,I bet there are kids 10 and under who actually post some of the stuff we read! XD And yeah I wouldn't wanna go to a parent talking about a "partners" sexual problems that's for sure.

you guys must be a really close family.

Do think it's weird or would you do the same to your parents?

awhh shit-sicles

Burn!!!!!! Next time don't talk to your daughter about how to get her boyfriend hard!! That's not right!!!