By NeverEndingBathtime_ - 03/08/2017 20:00

Today, my 2 year old is being potty trained. He got the gist of it and actually did #1 and #2 in the potty and after our little celebratory dance, I went to get him a cookie (it took me 2 seconds). I come back to see him covered in shit and pee because he tried to go empty the potty himself. FML
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species4872 19

At least he tried. Can't fault him for that.

Koios 30

You could say that, but probably shouldn't


Kobilar 10

I guess you could you say that was pretty shitty

Koios 30

You could say that, but probably shouldn't

You’re lucky you didn’t include the word “situation.” Hell hath no fury!!

The situation or your joke?

species4872 19

At least he tried. Can't fault him for that.

At least he's successfully potty-trained now. He just needs to be taught how to properly clean the potty now.

thehaystackerine 20

as the proud parent of a two year old ? let me tell you... NEVER TURN YOUR BACK FOR ONE SECOND!

I'm sorry, but you did kind of deserve that, it would've been wiser to clean everything up first, then getting him the cookie when everything was cleaned up.

species4872 19

A bit harsh, Some mum's have to learn along with their child because of the absense of experienced mothers to give them guidance. A mothers excitement can be as great as the childs and things can be overlooked.

He’s not the family member who needs potty training. Leaving a toddler with a portable bowl of shit? Rookie mistake!!

HanBanana15 9

Awww, he was just trying to help, OP. That's too precious. That sucks that he made such a gross mess, but it sounds like he's excited to be a big kid. Just try to remember you seem to be raising such a considerate and independent little boy and sometimes, that will be difficult, but it will be so worth it.

well sounds like you got yourself in a SHITTY situation, dont get PISSED off.

Stealthninjaa 19

Am I the only one who ever thinks "you deserve it for having kids"? Don't get me wrong though, parenting sounds hella brave.

thatslifeiguess7 16

I'm guessing that this is your first kid? cause vets know you don't leave a kid alone with a full potty